So, Mike’s sister Monica wanted to take her kids to get their picture taken with Santa. Annie has been OBSESSED with Santa since her visit with him a few weeks ago. Plus, she loved it when my dad dressed like Santa for our video last week. So we thought it would be great to bring Annie along and get a picture of all the cousins. That’s grandparent gold, amirite?

We got to the mall and the line for Santa was an hour long. We parents were pissy about waiting but the kids were SO EXCITED. As the line moved through Santa’s lair, Annie would get distraught when she couldn’t see Santa. “Oh no Mama! Where Santa go?!” she’d say. I was feeling confident.

We arranged the kids and Annie willingly sat on Santa’s lap. Monica and I were like, “They’re doing it!!!” And then I said, “Annie, get your hand out of your face!” Santa heard me and gently pulled Annie’s hand out of her face. And then…the above happened.

Better luck next year?