I love to make photo collages as presents. They are really easy and go over huge with the grandparent crowd. A lot of people make them with Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, but not everyone has those programs. So, I set out to find a free online program that could make something nice, and I found a great EASY way to make collages on the HP Creative Studio. And? It’s FREE. If you don’t like free, you are straight-up weird.

So, first go to the HP Creative Studio. Click on Project Type, then Photo Frames and Borders. There will be eight pages of different templates and borders to flip through. I am making a collage of Annie pictures, so I picked the “Dotted Parchment Montage Photo Frame” on page five.

Once you’ve selected your template, the program walks you through a bunch of different ways to personalize your collage. You can make it horizontal or vertical, change the color of the border, it’s so easy. The program also makes it very easy to add photos either from your own computer or Snapfish. Once you’ve selected the photos you want in your collage, you just drag them to the spot you want them, then rotate or re-size as necessary.

My final product looked like this:

The best part is that I can print it at home on my own printer! For free!!

It’s going to make a great present for my parents and Mike’s parents. Hey grandparents, if you read this, act surprised!

Any questions? Let me know. If you want to share your final project in the TSAM Photo Fun Flickr group, that would be awesome!

Disclaimer: HP is the sponsor of this section, but they did not ask me to review this. I thought it was the best available free program available to everyone on the internet. My opinion is my own, yo!

Also, if you have an HP Printer, check this out!

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