I can hardly believe it, but it’s almost Valentine’s Day. Annie’s birthday party thank you notes are going to be valentines – it makes things a little more fun for me since I’m the one writing them. I took Annie outside for a little photoshoot, and then I got to creating some valentine templates on photoshop.

It was my first time creating templates, but I am happy with them – and if you like them, you can download them for free! 

pink valentine
Pretty in Pink

love grows
Love Grows

blue valentine
Blue for her boy friends (boyfriends!)

They have that “kid with crayons” vibe that I was going for.

If you have Photoshop, these templates are my Valentine’s Day gift to you. Awwww. Just click RIGHT HERE and you’ll get a zip file containing the three .psd files.

You’ll also want to download the fonts I used to create the valentines so you can customize them with whatever name or message you like. I used  Cutie Pop (downloadable here), Cinnamon Cake (downloadable here), and Denne Puffy Hearts (downloadable here).

Paste whatever image you’d like to use into the layer named “paste image here,” then resize your picture until it looks how you’d like it and BAM you’re ready to print. The valentines are wallet-sized, so stock up on photo paper (I printed mine out on 4×6 glossy photo paper and then used scissors) and get to creating.

If you don’t have photoshop, fear not! There are some REALLY CUTE free photo templates on the HP Creative Studio! There are some Dinosaur cards there I might have to make just for Annie. She thinks dinosaurs are triceraTOPS.

I hate myself a little for that one.

Any questions, let me know. What do you think? Should I stick to my day job of, uh…using other people’s templates?