I store all my photos on an online sharing site, but a lot of people use Facebook to share and store their photos. So many times my friends have uploaded the cutest pictures of me or Annie, and I’ve had to email them for the file so I could print out the photo.

But now, I don’t have to! I have discovered how to print directly from Facebook – and it is ridiculously easy. Yay!

First, you have to find the photos you like. I ADORE this photo of me and my friends holding our babies:

Next, you simply click on the download button and save it somewhere you’ll remember – I always go with my desktop because having to remember a whole bunch of folder extensions would make my head explode.

Facebook compresses uploaded photos to save space, so to get the best printing results, use photo paper (not regular printer paper) and don’t print any larger than 4×6. I use HP photo paper, I always suggest it to anyone that wants fabulous results.

Once you have your photo paper loaded, hit print! It’s seriously that easy.

If you have an HP eStation printer, it’s even easier – you can print photos directly from the Facebook app! I’ve gone a printing spree for photos for our new house. It’s WAY more fun than packing.

Want more Facebook photo tips? You can find them here thanks to HP, my awesome photo partners.