Mike got his Father’s Day present early (he saw The Beach Boys in concert!) but I have been making him some little gifts to open from Annie next Sunday. It’s not truly your day if you don’t get to unwrap a present. Or you know, pull presents out of a bag, let’s remember who would actually be in charge of wrapping here.

I bought some magnet paper at Office Depot right before Mother’s Day, but I didn’t get a chance to use it before May 13. Magnet paper can be pricey – anywhere from $15 up for five sheets. With that in mind, I suggest using the entire sheet to really get your money’s worth. I grabbed four of Mike’s favorite pictures of Annie and fit them onto an 85″ x 11″ sheet in my editing software (I used photoshop, but anything that allows you to resize and rotate photos will do).

The photos were no more than 320 pixels in their biggest direction. I still had some room on top, so I wrote our names out. Now we have our own magnets for things we want to display on the fridge.

After I printed the magnet sheet, I let it dry for a few minutes. They looked really great. I carefully cut them, and ta da!


The magnets look amazing – almost the same quality as photo paper. It’s such an easy gift, and 100% customizable and personalized. I think I’m going to make some of these for my own dad, but just pictures of me, to remind him constantly that I’m his favorite.

If you can’t find magnet paper, don’t fret! Buy a clear magnet photo frame. They are sold at every frame store, at Target and Wal-Mart, and I’ve seen them at a bunch of different drug stores. Buy a few, then print out your favorite pictures on an update of this photo from last year. Thoughts?