I’ve given everyone lots of tips on taking pictures, displaying pictures, and doing crazy things with pictures, but I think it’s high-time I gave y’all my tips on how to look GOOD in photos. I do my best to follow these tips, and it has dramatically cut down how much time I spend untagging pictures of myself on The Facebook.

If you know you’re going to have your picture taken:

  • Dress in bright colors
    • Bright, vibrant colors help your skin not look washed-out. Lots of photographers will tell you to not wear patterns. This is true if you are having a head shot or formal portrait. If you’re going to be at a party, do it up! But if you don’t want your outfit to overtake your pictures, keep your patterns on the simpler side – nothing too wild, and NOTHING neon.
  • Don’t wear too much makeup
    • This isn’t to say you shouldn’t wear ANY makeup. Cover up your blemishes and use concealer for under-eye darkness. Use makeup to play up your best features. If you have gorgeous eyes, use mascara and a bit of eyeliner to make them pop. If you have great lips, use lipstick. Gorgeous cheekbones deserve blush! Flaunt what your mama gave you.
  • Keep things simple
    • Meaning don’t overdo anything. Keep jewelry and accessories simple. Don’t go crazy on the makeup. Don’t wear shiny things because they are distracting. At least, they are to me. OOOH SHINY!

Besides your appearance, the best way to look good in photos is to focus on how you pose. Tap your inner supermodel!

  • Show your good side
    • I know I used to think having a “good side” was a joke, but it’s actually true – and it’s usually the side you part your hair on. Turn your body in that direction for a flattering angle.
  • Good Posture is your friend
    • Stand up straight! Shoulders back! Hands on your hips! One foot in front of the other! Stick out your chin!
  • Stick your chin out
    • I know it sounds weird, and it definitely feels weird. But if you stick your chin out in a picture, you won’t get a double chin AND you’ll feel some tension in your shoulders, reminding you to push them back.
  • Have a natural smile
    • You’re probably thinking, “my smile is always natural and beautiful!” And it is! Until you get in front of a camera. So think of something funny, or something that makes you happy. When your mouth turns up from happiness, your eyes will smile, too.

It’s a lot to remember, but let me show you what a difference it all makes: Here is an example of everything you shouldn’t do (thanks Katie!)

Katie has bad posture

She is slouching, she isn’t pushing her chin forward, she’s facing the camera directly, and her shoulders are slumped. But then! She followed my tips:

Katie has good posture!

So much better!

Remember these tips when you’re sitting – ESPECIALLY when you’re sitting.
Daisy has bad posture and an unnatural smile

Daisy is all, “meh, I am slumping in my seat, and I’m only smiling because you told me too.” So I made her laugh, which wasn’t hard because I just started dancing and I’m…not a good dancer.

Daisy has good posture!

So pretty!

Now everyone go out and pose your faces off!

If you want more information about looking great in photos, you can find it here thanks to HP, my awesome photo partners!