My favorite presents for my parents and Mike’s parents are pictures of Annie. This Christmas will be no exception (spoiler alert, grandparents!). I mean, I could kid myself and pretend they want photos of Mike and me, but let’s be honest – they all stopped showing off our pictures years ago. So really, we’re just giving them what they want – more pictures of their granddaughter to gaze at lovingly. AWWWWWWW. The good thing about picture presents is they are pretty easy gifts, and depending on how crazy you get, reasonably priced. These are some of my favorite ideas.

Both sets of grandparents will be receiving a framed 8×10 of this photo:


For this I’ll just print out the picture on my 8.5×11 inch glossy photo paper, trim the edges, then go to frame store to select frames (there are good tips for picking out frames here). As far as presents go, this is one of the easiest.

For the aunts and uncles, I am going to print out wallet-sized photos onto photo paper and then stick magnets on the back. Then they’ll see Annie’s smiling face whenever they want something from their fridge.

I’m also planning on making a silhouette of Annie for my parents to go with the silhouette of Maddie I made a few years ago. They LOVED that gift, and it’s easier than you think – the directions for the one I made for Mike are here.

The finished product

I also think I am going to make Mike a 2012 calendar. I have always wanted to do this, but was intimidated by picking out the photos, designing the background, etc. I found free templates on HP’s creative studio so I am going to use that this year. I love me some templates.

I need more photo gift ideas! What are some of your favorites?