I have friends with amazingly elaborate and beautiful scrapbooks. They’ve put them together for themselves and their children, and I have always been so jealous of the finished product. I just do not have that kind of creativity – believe me, I’ve tried. Even though Annie will grow up with thousands of photos she can scroll through on a computer screen, I want her to have a physical album she can hold in her hands, too.

I had no idea that you could design scrapbook pages online until my friend Elizabeth at HP clued me in. You just pick the template you want and drag and drop in your photos. When you’re done, you print your finished pages. It’s so freaking easy. HP’s Creative Studio has free templates that are really cute for every possible occasion (you can find the Halloween templates here).

Since Annie had so many costumes to choose from, I filled her scrapbook pages with pictures of her wearing them.

I printed the pages out on 8.5 x 11 glossy paper and they look great. Now I just have to put them in a book!

You can find more tips on scrapbooking here, thanks to my fab partners, HP.