When I was getting married, my photographers had me make a list of the photos I HAD to have. My list ranged from the basic family shots to group pictures with co-workers, snaps of people on the dance floor, and a pose of me with my ring bearer. I’m really glad they had me make a list, because those are the photos I treasure from my big day.

Ever since then, I’ve made a list of must-take photos for every big event. Spending a few minutes doing this before a party or holiday has helped me capture every important event, and I don’t spend days afterward thinking, WHY didn’t I get a picture of THAT! With this in mind, I am going to share my must-take Halloween photos list that will help you tell the story of your child’s Halloween!

1. Getting Ready: For kids, putting on the costume and the makeup is half the fun. Annie loves staring in the mirror when we get her dressed, and she had a huge grin on her face when we put her twirly Dorothy dress on her.

getting ready

getting ready

getting ready

2. Get The Details: Get pictures of all the little things that make your kid’s costume unique, be it the bows in her hair or the red clown nose.

her bows

putting on her ruby slippers

ruby slipper

3. Whole-Body Shots: Make sure you get a shot of your child from head to toe, capturing everything from the monster shoes to the funny hat.


4. Close-ups: Getting that shot of your kids’ faces will help you remember their chubby cheeks, tiny noses, and freckles.


5. Family Shot: My mom has tons of pictures of my brother and me in our Halloween costumes, but she and my dad aren’t in any of them. When your kids look back, they’ll love not only seeing how young they looked, but how young you looked, too.


6. The Action Shots: Annie was so excited to go outside it was hard to get her to pose for photos. She is going to be raring to go on actual Halloween!

let's go!

let's go

7. Trick Or Treating: Usually one parent stays home to hand out candy, missing out on the trick or treating. Make sure to get some shots of the kids walking down the block and knocking on doors so the other parent feels included.

off to trick or treat

bye mama!

trick or treat

8. Candy: Annie had never seen so much candy in her life. Actually, she’s never seen CANDY in her life. She was so funny going through the pumpkin, and she LOVED her first bites of candy.

looking at what she got

counting her candy

carefully sorting her bounty

9. The Crash: Because they are going to come down from that sugar high, and it’s going to be adorable.

post-sugar high

You can get more Halloween tips and ideas from this super-creative PDF put out by HP, my awesome photo partners.

Next week I’ll be talking more about Halloween – avoiding red-eye, taking pictures at night, capturing your pumpkins, etc. Have a Halloween picture question for me? Leave it in the comments and I’ll answer it next week!