Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas, but Halloween presents so many opportunities to be creative and think outside the box. Since we moved into our house, I can now decorate the way I’ve always wanted.

We had a housewarming party this weekend, and since Halloween is just a few weeks away, I put up lots of spooky things. The biggest, and most fun thing, was a Halloween Photo Booth.

the photo booth

I saw the zombie backdrop at a party store and couldn’t pass it up. The scary monster (his name is Buddy!) is a dress form with a cape and wig on it. I got a bunch of cheap props at Michael’s craft store, although I easily could have printed up a bunch of masks.

photo props

I put my printer on the prop table and printed out a sign that said, “Take a picture, it’ll last longer! Email it to myprinter@hpeprint.com and take it home with you!” It was a huge hit, especially with the kids. They were grabbing their parents’ smart phones and posing for photos:


The adults loved it too:

Kyle and Kirk
Unlce Kyle and Bampa

Diane and Heather
my friend Diane and me

Terry, Buddy, Linda
Aunt Terry and Gramma

Kathleen, Buddy, John
Cousin Kathleen and Uncle John

I am so happy with how much fun everyone had with the photo booth! I am also happy I had plenty of ink and paper, because there were a lot of pictures printed out. A. LOT.

I also put out some Halloween crafts for the kids – hanging ghosts and coloring pages – that I found on the HP Handmade Halloween downloadable pdf. Lots of great ideas in there, check it out.

halloween crafts

Next week, I’ll have a must-take picture list for Halloween night. YAY Halloween!!