Four Generations

This portrait is of me, my mom, my grandmother, and my great-grandmother. I was about seven when this photo was taken. I know that the intention was to take a similar photo every year – four generations of daughters and women. But unfortunately, this is the only photo of all four of us together.

I am determined to have amazing family pictures, and I think having photo traditions are an excellent way to do this. Taking a yearly photo shows growth and change – and if you display the photos all together, even better.

Children – especially babies – are great subjects for photo traditions because of how quickly they change. My series of photos of Annabel in the same chair is awesome:

one year

It’s so easy – find a location, or an object, that your child can pose with every month. After the first year, babies don’t change as quickly, so you can take pictures less-often. But I fully intend to take pictures of Annabel in that chair until the day she leaves for college.

Some other easy family photo traditions:
– In front of the Christmas tree
– Mother’s Day and Father’s Day
– The first day of school
– Birthdays

Family photo traditions are so easy – we just have to remember to bring our cameras and snap away.

What are some of your photo traditions? Leave ideas in the comments, or upload examples to the TSAM Photo Fun Flickr group so we can compliment and learn from each other (If you don’t have a flickr account, just link to your photos in the comments).

Want more tips on family photography? You can find them here thanks to HP, my awesome photo partners.