I love kids at Easter. All the pretty dresses, hats, and colors. Here is a picture of me in my Easter Finery, circa 1985:

Easter Bonnet

Easter is a great opportunity to get some fun, beautiful pictures. If you live in a place with nice weather an egg hunt can give you lots of well-lit outdoor shots.

Last year Annie participated in her first Easter Egg hunt, and I was sure to take enough pictures to tell the story of the hunt (don’t forget to make your must-take list in advance!). Her Aunt Monica The Easter Bunny put out different colored eggs – the little girls had the pastel eggs, and my older nephews had eggs with cars on them. We handed the girls baskets, and after watching the older boys for a few minutes, they were off.

on the hunt
Toddling off with their baskets

finding eggs
Finding eggs

an egg
One of the “hidden” eggs

Passing eggs back and forth

the bounty
The goodies they collected

I cringe a bit at these shots because they aren’t exposed well, but hopefully this year I will get some better ones. Practice, practice, practice, right? Taking photos outside also leads to good bokeh opportunities, because you can shoot at a closed aperture and still get well-lit, dreamy photos.

It’s also a great opportunity to get shots of your family members dressed nicely:

annie, daddy, michaela
Uncle Mike/Daddy, Annie, and Michaela

This week Annie and I are going to distract ourselves with some cute Easter crafts, and I’m going to talk up the Easter Bunny with the hope I might actually convince Annie to get her picture taken with him. I’m looking forward to this year’s hunt – Is two years old too young for me to actually hide eggs?