Besides all the obvious reasons, I couldn’t wait for Annabel to be born because I was so excited to take pictures of her. I read tons of tutorials about photographing babies, but when it came to actually snapping the photos, I quickly realized what the most important tips are.

The basics – make sure the baby has a full tummy. Full babies are sleepy, so they don’t have as many spazzy arm and leg movements. Figure out any outfit changes and props in advance, and prioritize importance. Find a warm room to take pictures in, because babies aren’t great at regulating their body temperature. And, if that room has access to lots of natural light, even better.

The MOST important thing to do is take lots of pictures from lots of different angles. You’re guaranteed to get lots of wonderful shots full of amazing little details. Don’t be afraid to get down on the ground on the same level as the baby, and get right in there to capture every little wrinkle and freckle.

Tiny Annie Foot


Holding Hands With Daddy


Next, don’t be afraid to pose or “mold” your baby. My favorite shots are when babies are all folded and tucked.

so snug


pea in a pod

Fairy Annabel

Finally, don’t forget to be in the photos with your baby! Even if you feel tired, or you haven’t showered, you (and your baby) won’t regret those photographs together.

conversations with daddy

mom and babe

Do you have favorite shots of babies to share? Upload them to the TSAM Photo Fun Flickr group so we can compliment and learn from each other (If you don’t have a flickr account, just link to your photos in the comments).

Want more tips on baby photography? You can find them here thanks to HP, my awesome photo partners.

Next week, taking pictures of your pets! It’s Rigby’s time to shine.

(special thanks to my other beautiful baby model, Molly)