I have two photo resolutions: 1) use my camera every day, 2) print more of my favorite photos after big events. Annabel ADORES looking at photos and naming the people and things in the images. My plan is to print out pictures and put them in an album that Annie can flip through.

This weekend I am printing up all my favorites from Christmas. Even though Christmas was two weeks ago, Annie can NOT stop talking about it. The little flip book of photos I’m printing will hopefully satisfy her, or it’s going to be a lonnnng twelve months until next Christmas.

These are some of my favorites from Christmas this year:

The Spohrs, Christmas 2011



santa came


I took the top three pictures with my SLR camera and the bottom two with my iPhone. There are a million super-easy ways to print these photos (all listed here!) so there really is NO excuse for me to not print my pictures anymore. Well, other than not having ink and paper, but I just ordered it all two days ago and it all arrived today! I love fast cheap shipping.

What are your photo resolutions?