I mentioned in the post about my party that I made a lot of the decorations and little details myself. I received a bunch of emails asking me how I did certain things, so I figured I’d turn the FAQs into a post.

First, the poofs.

tissue paper poofs

Each poof is made with ten sheets of tissue paper, some wire, and fishing line. I found a tutorial on how to make them via Pinterest (and you can follow it here). I think the wire I chose was too thin, because when the poofs blew in the wind, the wire broke. So, if I made them again I’d probably just secure the middle of the poofs with fishing line. But as you can see, they held up well (after I added emergency fishing line reinforcement) and are now in Annabel’s room!

Next up, recipe cards. I knew that some of my guests would ask me for the recipes for the different sangrias I made, so I printed up recipe cards to hand to anyone who asked.

sangria recipe cards

You can follow my recipe card tutorial here. I’m so glad I did this! I never would have remembered who wanted the recipes for which drink.

The ice cream cone wrappers were an idea I got from the adorable HP Print My Party booklet. I really love the booklets they put out for holidays. I saw a picture of the wrappers around cones and thought it was such a cute and easy way to add a little detail to my Jubilee.

ice cream cone

You can download already decorated wrappers here, or you can download my blank template (by clicking the image below) and decorate them however you’d like!

Yesterday I printed out the blank templates and let Annie and my niece decorate their wrappers with crayons. They loved it!

Those were my most common questions – if you have any more, let me know!