Last weekend when I forgot to bring another pair of pants with me, I didn’t mention that the outfit I wore all weekend was my current favorite outfit.

Not just my favorite, actually. The one that I feel awesome in. The one that I strut in. It hits me perfectly, accentuates my waist and hips and booty.

Besides the fact that it was probably (definitely) really smelly by the end of the weekend, I worked that outfit. I didn’t think about my extra belly chub from pregnancy, or my dimpled thighs, or any of those super important things I waste so much time worrying about.

Yesterday a new site called Curvy Girl Guide launched. It’s for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes who love themselves, or maybe want a little help getting there.

I am going to be the best role model for my daughter that I can possibly be.

I hope you all like it!

(And yes, I AM double fisting AND holding a mini cheesecake in the picture. CONFIDENCE!)