Yesterday was “Tons of Fun” day at the softball fields where Annabel plays. There were bounce houses and face painters and all sorts of activities for the kids to enjoy. There were also two different competitions, where the kids were broken up by age level – a throwing contest, and a hitting contest. For the throwing contest, the girls had to throw a ball into a net without it bouncing, and Annie was the only girl in her division who did it! For the hitting contest, it was pure distance – the longest¬†hit was the winner…and Annie’s ball went the farthest!

There was an awards ceremony at the end of the event, and that’s when Annie found out she’d won both contests in her division. The look on her face when they called her name both times was PRICELESS. I was so proud of her because she was so proud of HERSELF. She was smiling so hard I thought her cheeks might split. I told Mike that winning those two contests might have made her a softball lifer. She’s already talking about all the medals and trophies she hopes she wins “in the next few years.” I don’t care if she wins any more, I just hope this feeling of confidence and pride in herself lasts as long as possible.