WOW! You all are awesome photographers. Thanks to everyone that participated this week. I loved looking through all your submissions. I wish I could give something to all of you, but there will be time for that in the future! WOO!

So, this week, Mike and I picked the photos that made us gasp. Here they are, along with the notes I left on each photo:

Walking to water - portrait
Walking to Water by LauraWalters

I like this one for a couple reasons. First, it cuts out almost all the other beach goers, so it really feels like the two of them against the world. And second, the bigger spaces of sand, water, and sky really emphasizes how small the little girl is, and how vast the ocean is.

Mont Tendre
Mont Tendre by emily.taylor

This is awesome. The line of the rocks to the person is fabulous, but then the clouds make it look like the path continues upward and onward.

ol' 49
ol’ 49 by Heather and Bill

The colors in this shot are so amazing. As awesome as the detail is in the landscape shot, you don’t have the contrast of the green grass and blue sky. Love it!

So, ladies, send me an email with your shipping address to thespohrs at gmail dot com so I can send you your prizes courtesy of Hewlett Packard – HP Advanced Photo Paper, each with special access to Disney’s Print Magic on You can print out and frame your gorgeous shots!

There will be another photo challenge up on Tuesday, I hope everyone participates again!