Yesterday, I found out that a friend from long ago had passed away. It had been awhile since we’d been in each other’s lives, but nonetheless, I was gutted to hear the news. My friend Angie said it perfectly when she wrote, “Though we sometimes disconnect from people with whom we once connected deeply, we’re still sad to lose someone who meant so much to so many people.”

Anissa showed me how to be a strong advocate for Maddie, and she helped me grieve in a way only someone who’d witnessed (too much) tragedy can. I am so devastated for her friends and family, especially her three children and her husband.

I really debated saying anything about this…this is not my loss, and we all know how I feel about grief vultures. But to not acknowledge the positive influences she had on my life felt wrong. As Angie said, she meant so much to so many people, and my heavy heart is with all of them.