I ADORE sending holiday cards. Unfortunately, I always lose track of time and the next thing I know it’s December 18th and there is no way I can get my cards printed in time without paying a fortune. And it doesn’t really help matters that I don’t exactly pick easy concepts.

holiday 2005

our funny card

coming soon

This year, yet again, I picked a far from easy concept. The card is only half-done. I know I’m not going to get them ordered in time (AGAIN), so I started looking at other options and found a great one online via HP’s Creative Studio.

Why is it a great option? Because it gives me the ability to print my cards at home. So, when I FINALLY find the time to finish the picture, I will be able to have the cards in hand just a few minutes later.

I picked this one for my example, but there is a PERFECT layout for my not-quite-ready card that I have my eye on. And you’ll all see it. Soon-ish. But for now! This:

(and for those of you with HP Printers with apps? The cards are just as awesome!)

I need to get my real card done!

But I love you, so here’s a sneak preview of a tiny part of the card:

disclosure: HP is the sponsor of this section, but they didn’t ask me to write about this. I looked for the easiest option for myself and felt like sharing. Everybody plays, everybody wins!

And seriously, my card this year? Worth the wait if I do say so myself.