Every softball tournament we’ve played in had something I think is really cool – a spirit/good sport award that each team gives to a player on the OTHER team after a game. Through the course of ten games, we’ve given awards to girls who made amazing plays, got clutch hits, or were noticeable leaders on their team. As soon as Annabel found out about these awards, she made it her goal to earn one. She’s not the best player on our team but she absolutely has the best attitude, and this past weekend at the Jessica Mendoza All Star Tournament, another team noticed. The look of pride on her face when they announced that she’d won the Sportsmanship Award was so amazing I almost burst into tears. I am so proud of her for accomplishing her goal.

(And in “It’s a Small World” news, Jessie Mendoza and I played club softball together when we were teenagers, so it was pretty fun for me to be able to tell that to Annie and the rest of the girls on the team. They finally think I’m cool, LOL.)