She Can Hold Her Own

Contrary to what some developmental specialists (ahem) might say, Maddie is really moving along. She’s nine and a half months old (seven months adjusted) and we see changes in her every day. Physical changes. She rolls across the floor now. I was doing laundry today, and laid her in the middle of some blankets in…

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Karaoke Kween

It’s no secret that I love Karaoke. Mike and I met at a Karaoke bar. The night before our wedding, we threw a huge Karaoke party (Marry-oke!) for all of our friends. I have a million pictures with a microphone in my face. If you want to get me out of my house after the…

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Being A Dad

“Bein’ a dad can make you feel sad Like you’re the insignificant other Yeah right from the start They break your heart In the end every kid wants his mother” – from “Being A Dad” by Loudon Wainwright Here’s a sad truth Dads may not want to admit…Moms have a connection with their babies that…

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Rock The Boat

This weekend I went to a bachelorette party for my friend Danielle. Danielle is a teeny tiny little bundle of fun and energy, and I think we gave her a great send-off. Sorry boys, she’s taken The party was on Catalina Island, a small island about 22 miles off the coast of Los Angeles. So…

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Traveling Through Another Dimension

I love Saturday and Sunday mornings. Not only do I get to sleep in, but Mike usually brings Maddie in to snuggle with me in bed. I love opening my eyes in the morning to see Maddie’s giant peepers looking back at me (assuming that she didn’t wake me up by pinching my lip and…

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