Surfing Sunday 6.21

This morning, Mike slept in while the kids and I wrapped his presents and made him breakfast. We might have set off the smoke alarm, but Mike was a good sport about it. Later, we’re going to hit up a BBQ place and celebrate the day with family. I am so thankful I have such an amazing partner…

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Likes Long Walks On The Beach

James absolutely loved the beach when we were on vacation. He’d stare at it longingly from our condo, saying, “Water! Water!” When we’d finally get down on the sand, he’d run non-stop, laughing as he gleefully picked up handfuls of sand to run into the water. He also loved falling into the tiny waves. If…

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She Writes The Songs

So, you may remember that when I was a kid, I was 100% determined to become the next Debbie Gibson, and started writing my own songs. They were…pretty cringey. I can giggle about it now, but I remember at the time I took my songs SO seriously. I poured so much effort into the writing, and…

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Simple Poolside Poncho

The kids started summer swim lessons this week. As we were walking in for the first day of classes I noticed a mom slipping beach towels over her kids’ heads. I looked a bit closer and realized they were towel ponchos – perfect! I knew they’d be really easy to make, so easy that I…

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Gotta Love That Tod Bod

Maybe you’ve heard about that crazy fad making its way around the internet, the Dad Bod? According to the girl who popularized the term, the Dad Bod is “a nice balance between a beer gut and working out…not an overweight guy, but not one with washboard abs, either.” I have no problem with the Dad…

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