I Wish I Could Have Held Her

Even though I love what this time of year brings (pumpkins, 105 degree weather, etc), I’ve found myself really battling to keep my head above water for the last three Septembers. Another school year is starting, another year that Madeline isn’t with her peers. I’ve made excuses every year (It would be kindergarten! It would…

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Quick And Easy Silverware Pockets

My cousin’s shower had a rustic burlap vibe and I wanted to tie it all together on the tables. I had a lot of leftover burlap from her door wreath, so I thought using it to make some silverware pockets would be cute and easy. I made two versions – one no-sew (the one above) and…

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Northern Exposure

The weather in Los Angeles has been so crazy-hot for the last week that our power company has been doing rolling blackouts and temporary air conditioner shut downs to conserve energy. Our A/C has been shut off a few times and the temperature inside our house has just been disgusting as a result. Yesterday when…

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The Pumpkining Is Upon Us

I’ve been so wrapped up in the beginning of the school year that I had blinders on to everything else around me. Yesterday I was trying to catch up on my grocery shopping and I looked around at everything with fresh eyes. It was then I realized…The Pumpkining is upon us. Americans. Love. Pumpkins. It’s…

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Indoor Showers

My cousin Leah’s shower was at my house yesterday. The other bridesmaids and I had been planning it for weeks, but one thing we did not plan on was a record-breaking heat wave hitting Los Angeles. September is usually one of the best months in Southern California, so I wasn’t worried about rain or cool temperatures ruining…

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