DIY No-Sew Wings

For Annabel’s birthday party, I am giving all the girls the accessories they’ll need to become ponies. I found some great tutorials on Pinterest for pony ears and unicorn horns, but I didn’t find anything I really liked for Pegasus wings. I wanted something I could make quickly but wasn’t flimsy – it had to…

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Things You Don’t Want To Hear Your Kids Say

Having a kid who is old enough to have conversations and express thoughts is as wonderful as I’d always hoped it would be. She explains things in unexpected ways, makes observations I never would have considered, and is so funny and thoughtful. I love 99% of what comes out of her mouth. There are a…

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Destined For Greatness

At the beginning of the month, a private plane crashed in Kentucky with five people on board. A seven-year-old girl survived, but her parents, nine-year-old sister, and fourteen-year-old cousin did not. The story was all over the news because not only did the little girl survive but she also walked, injured, through a heavily wooded…

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Surfing Sunday 01.11

Greetings from one of the few parts of the country warmer than Mars! I hope all of you are staying warm, wherever you are.┬áIt’s been raining all weekend here in LA, which is good news for our drought but bad news for the outdoor reptile birthday party Annabel and I attended yesterday. Luckily, the kids…

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James Nose

James has reached one of my favorite developmental stages: identifying things. He will respond to almost any “Where is X” question by touching or pointing to the object. We’ve been encouraging him to say the words instead of just pointing, and we’re probably driving him completely crazy with how we repeat words over and over…

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