The Tragedy Rule

You know when you discover a new author, and suddenly you come across books and mentions of her everywhere? Or when you get a new dog, and then you see that breed every time you walk down the street or play in the park? There’s actually a term for that – frequency illusion (or the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon,…

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Back-to-School Wall Hanging

I know that school is still a ways away here, but I’m trying to ride on Annabel’s wave of enthusiasm and keep her hyped for Kindergarten. She asked me if we could decorate the house for school. “You know, like how we decorate for Halloween and Christmas.” I was like, “Um…sure?” And then wandered around…

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No Pants Party

So, it turns out James is a tiny exhibitionist. It started out kind of cute. One day, James followed me into my room, saw me change my clothes, and immediately pulled off his shorts and shirt. He then grinned at me, smacked his belly, and said, “Tummy!” He was very proud of himself. I took advantage…

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How Many Days Until Kindergarten?

Annabel is so pumped for Kindergarten to start. I’m excited for her, but I also like summer and not having to pack a lunch five days a week. Every day I hear, “Mommy, how many days until Kindergarten?” I love that she’s so ready for it to start, but I’ve been trying to keep her…

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Surfing Sunday 7.12

I’m always happy to hear that so many of you like these Sunday posts. I really like putting them together. One of my favorite ways to procrastinate is to read articles, so it makes me feel like I’m not really avoiding work! Hahaha. I hope you all had a great weekend…I can’t believe July is halfway…

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