Surfing Sunday 11.08

I’m always happy when I hear that all of you like my Sunday posts. I come across a lot of articles and funny things I want to share all week, so many in fact that I’ve started sharing a few links every day on my Facebook Page. It’s a little taste of Surfing Sunday the…

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Flashback: Sibling Singing

MY BABIES! They were so little… If you can’t see the video above, click here. Annabel still sings to James like this, almost every day.

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I Am A Preemie Parent

November is Prematurity Awareness Month, and it’s also Madeline’s birthday month. I am missing my girl so much. We should be preparing for an eighth birthday party and a house full of second graders. When November rolls around, I have a lot of flashbacks to our time in the NICU with Maddie. I’m reposting a…

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Easy Clothespin Turkeys

I just wanted to make something easy and fun this week, something I could construct while I listened to Spotify and turned off my brain. You probably know that November isn’t my favorite month of the year, and my head is on cruise control until we pass Madeline’s birthday on the 11th. Still, I find…

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Thanks to Halloween celebrations at all of our extracurricular activities, my kids were vibrating on Halloween morning. I thought Halloween falling on a Saturday was going to be awesome, but it basically turned the entire week into Halloween – fun, but exhausting. On Thursday, Annabel’s dance class put on a Halloween performance. It was pretty cute seeing all the…

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