I I I Wanna Go Oh Oh

This past Saturday was the moment I’ve been waiting for for eight long months…Britney Spears in Las Vegas. And it was…exactly what I expected. I’ve actually seen Britney in concert a few times before this. In 2000 I was interning for a record label that had one of her opening acts on its roster. I…

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Surfing Sunday 8.17

I’m writing this in advance because this weekend, Mike and I are in Las Vegas. It’s our first no-kids getaway since…um…gosh…maybe two-and-a-half years? Anyway, we are looking forward to spending time together, AND we are finally seeing Britney Spears! Mike gave me tickets to see her show for Christmas eight months ago┬áso I’ve been looking…

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Fiesta Friday – Football Party

Football season is almost here! For me, that means waking up early on Saturdays to glare at Lee Corso and root for my Alma Mater USC. Jen hates college football (sacrilege!), but lives for Sundays and her Green Bay Packers. Even if you don’t like football, the weekend schedule crammed with games makes a great…

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Don’t Go, Daddy

Mike’s transition back to working in an office was nine months ago, so I thought we were all settled in and adjusted. For the last two weeks, however, Annabel has been having some sadness over Mike being gone all day. It’s fine in the mornings, luckily. Mike can get ready and head off to work…

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Easy DIY Crayon/Pencil Roll

I’ve been looking for a cute party favor to give out at Annie’s Back To School party, and I thought a crayon/pencil roll would be cute and functional. They’re great for school or for throwing in your purse to pull out at restaurants. You only need basic sewing skills (hand or machine) and the rolls…

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