Remember a couple of weeks ago when I was anxious for James to start talking? Well, the day I wrote that post he started using more words. Typical kid! This word is one of his latest and it’s my favorite (and very appropriate for our lives right now). His face just kills me! If you can’t…

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Pre-K Day

Last week I took Annabel to a meet-and-greet for her new Pre-K teachers. It all went great, until we left. After we were all buckled and strapped into the car, Annabel started wailing. “WHAT?!” I asked alarmed, thinking I’d somehow slammed her fingers in the car door. “I JUST WANT TO STAY AND LEAAAARRRRRN” she…

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Easy Pom Pom Hair Clips

I’ve been stockpiling hair clips and doodads for Annie’s return to school, grabbing cute duds for Annie’s locks whenever I come across them. And, as always, when I see something that’s cute but too expensive (for me), I take note and make it myself. I came across some pom pom hair clips and knew immediately…

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Things I Refuse To Feel Bad About

When I was younger, I worried about a lot of stuff. I remember a female boss of mine once telling me, “When you’re older, you’ll be surprised by how much you don’t care.” I didn’t think that was ever going to be possible, but as I’ve aged it’s become increasingly clear how right she was. At…

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Bedtime Races

For the last week or so the kids have been crazy wound-up at bedtime. They both get extremely excited when Mike gets home but they’re usually calm by jammies-and-teeth-time. This past week, though…Annie was really excited about school starting and the long weekend, and I think that’s played into it. James just feeds off of Annie’s…

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