Over five years ago, my friend Maya and her family moved to Israel. Maya and I became close when we were both navigating the crazy life of prematurity – me with Madeline, and her with her twin daughters. Our girls were born just two days apart, and with all three of them more than two-and-a-half…

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DIY Mummy-Wrapped Halloween Letters

I know, I know, Halloween stuff already. But I thought of this idea back in June and I’ve been so excited to try it. With October only two weeks away (aaaaah!), I thought I’d share how I made these for anyone who’s ready to get a jump on things.

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Bright Lights, Big City

On Sunday morning in New York City, we woke up and headed to a performance of Pinkalicious: The Musical. If you have or know a little girl, the odds are┬ávery high that you or she has read one of the books that the musical is based on. It was a very cute show – only…

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Welcome To New York

Mike and I travel to New York City a few times a year, and since it’s always for work we always leave the kids at home. Annabel is old enough now that this drives her bananas. It’s partly because she never loves it when either of us is gone, but mostly because she’s been dying…

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Surfing Sunday 9.13

My mom, Annabel, and I are currently in New York City. I have some meetings here on Monday, and since Annabel doesn’t have school that day I thought it would be fun to make it a girls’ weekend with her and my mom. It’s a quick trip – we got in just before midnight on…

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