This video on a walk with my Rigby and my Maddie…it makes me happy to see them, but so sad. The elephant on my chest is heavy tonight. If you can’t see the video above, click here. Hoping I will breathe a little easier tomorrow. About these ads

About these ads

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Seven Years Gone

To say this week is crappy would be an understatement. My yearning for Madeline and Rigby is almost overwhelming. I’d forgotten how exhausting grief is, how it sucks your energy and fogs your mind. My body has given in and I’m sick with a high fever. As weird as it sounds, I’m almost grateful for…

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Baby Balm

There’s one thing that has been a balm on our hurting, and that’s little Liam. Annabel and James were both sick right after he was born, so they didn’t get to meet him until last week. The day after Rigby died, I took Annabel to meet Liam for the first time. We needed to get…

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Our house is strangely quiet. The toys are still chattering, the kids are still rambunctious, but the house is missing the sounds made by its smallest resident. Her growls at the birds, her barks at the doorbell, the clicks of her paws as she followed me down the hallway – parts of the soundtrack of our daily…

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Surfing Sunday 4.03

Thank you so much for the overwhelming love for Rigby. Right now I’m just trying to stay in routines and keep busy. Today is the last day of spring break and I think we’re all looking forward to some regularity returning to our lives, even with April 7th looming. I’m just trying to be kind to…

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