The Bunny Shot

The first time my daughters met the Easter Bunny they were both too little to express how they felt about the experience. Madeline was four months old, and Annabel was about nine weeks old (it’s stunning that Heather the Germaphobe let her brand-new infant sit on the poop-encrusted fur of the Easter Bunny, but I…

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Surfing Sunday 4.13

I want to thank you all for the amazing love and support you all continued to show my family this week. Our family and friends and all of you really rose up and we felt it. It means so much to us that Madeline isn’t forgotten. Thank you for remembering. I’ve survived by pushing through…

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Dancing With Their Sister

Annabel loves watching the videos Mike and I have made over the years. Sometimes she asks for particular videos, other times she says, “I want to watch the Annie with curly hair,” meaning when she was a baby. About once a week she’ll ask me to pull up videos of Maddie. I’ll call some up…

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While You Were At Preschool…

I did the bunny hop. Annie says, “Jamesie is such a cute bunny!”   

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Her Things

It took me a long time to go through Maddie’s stuff after she died. Our home was straightened up by friends and family in the days immediately following her death, but for the most part everything was left as it had been the day she left for her doctor visit. She was only seventeen months…

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