DIY 5-Minute Moisture-Wicking Headband

I love moisture-wicking headbands (headbands made of special material that pulls the moisture away from your body). They’re great for exercise, bad hair days, or for keeping cool in the summer.¬†However, I have two BIG problems with them. The first is that they’re ridiculously expensive – at least $10, but usually much more. The second…

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Party Like A Rock Star

When Annabel and I started talking a few months ago about her birthday party, she was very firm that she wanted a “Rock Star Dance Party.” She actually wanted the dance truck that we hired for James’ first birthday, but that company has unfortunately gone out of business. After looking around for a similar company,…

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Like every year, Annabel woke up to balloons covering her bedroom floor: We moved out to the couch to open presents, where she very nicely let her brother help her rip open the paper.

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Surfing Sunday 1.24

Annabel has had an AMAZING birthday weekend. Friday was her actual birthday, and yesterday was the big birthday party. Today Mike and I feel like we ran a marathon, but the kids are still super-hyped and anxious to play with every! single! present! Annabel received for her birthday, which really flies in the face of…

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The Sixth Year Of Annabel

Annabel is six years old today! What a wonderful year she had! If you can’t see the video above, click here. Mike wrote another perfect song for this year’s video! We are so proud of our smart, kind, friendly, polite, clever, hilarious, generous, lovely girl. Happy sixth birthday, Annabel! We love you! Annie’s Fifth Year…

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