Surfing Sunday 04.05

Writing this one in advance because I’m sure we’ll be up early with the kids today, hunting for Easter eggs. I ended up taking Annabel and James to see the Easter Bunny on Friday. It started out well. As we stood in line, Annabel was going on and on about how awesome the bunny was,…

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A Visit With Mr. Easter Bunny

With Easter this weekend, I woke up yesterday and said “Crap, we haven’t gone to see the Easter Bunny yet!” I’m kind of shocked Annabel hasn’t been begging. Her days of being afraid of him are long gone and now the two of them are basically BFF. It made me think back to the first…

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A Delicious Ranking Of Cookie Butter Products

Ever since I wrote a post explaining the delicious magic of cookie butter, I get tagged whenever a new cookie butter product comes out at Trader Joe’s. Yes, what started as a simple spread has become a product line – nay, a lifestyle. It’s my not-so-secret hope that cookie butter will follow in the footsteps…

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Easy Fabric Rosette Headband

I have piles of leftover material from all the different things I’ve made, so I thought it was a good time to make some fabric rosettes. I’ve used them to make crowns and belts before, but this time I made a quick and easy rosette headband for Annabel!

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Foul Play

So here we are, another Spring Training trip behind us. Mike and his sister were talking and they realized they’ve been going to Arizona for almost thirty years. I started going in 2003, a few months after I started dating Mike. That first trip was lots of sleeping in, drinking at the pool, drinking at…

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