The Biggest Party

Today is Jackie’s 36th birthday, the third we’ve celebrated without her. Since Jackie’s birthday fell in November, she was the first in our group of friends to turn a year older. We always threw her crazy parties for her birthday, but the year she turned thirty she decided to throw the party herself. Jackie’s thirtieth birthday was only a few…

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DIY Santa Hat Door Hanging

Even though this is a Christmas decoration, I want to make it clear that there is still a LOT of Turkey Respect in our house. This week the kids and I are making all the clichéd handprint turkey crafts and it’s going to be awesome. But I’m also looking ahead to the winter holidays because I think these…

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She Would Be Seven

I told Mike a few days ago that I didn’t know what to write. All the stories about Madeline have been told. There are no new ones, no new pictures. The questions I had last year are still the questions I have this year. The words have all been written. It makes me sadder than…

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I Am A Preemie Parent

Madeline, four days after she was born. She’d just had her forehead IV removed, and was on a ventilator, IVs, umbilital cath, pulse ox, chest tubes, and was extremely edemidus. The first time I was told my child was going to die, I was about seven weeks pregnant. There was no way of knowing it…

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Surfing Sunday 11.09

I’m tearing myself away from watching the Taylor Swift/Aerobic Dance video mash-up for the 800th time to write this. I really want to know the thought process that went into making that video. I mean, I think it’s hilarious, but was the guy like, “You know what this T Swift song needs? Terrible 80s aerobic…

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