Surfing Sunday 10.12

Today we’re finishing up our Halloween decorating. I have so many boxes of decorations…and so many bags of fake pumpkins. Plus, every time I go to the store, I come home with another (real) pumpkin. Annabel said, “Mom, are we going to have a pumpkin patch at our house?” Pretty sure her dad told her…

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Flashback Friday: “I Don’t Know What To Be For Halloween”

It’s hard to believe, but Halloween is just three weeks from today. If you and your kids are suffering from costume indecision, then this song from Annie and Rigby’s first Halloween together is totally going to be your new jam. Just be prepared to have the earworm stuck in your head all day! If you…

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Death With Dignity

Two days ago I read about Brittany Maynard, a 29-year-old woman with aggressive, terminal brain cancer. If you haven’t watched her video or read her op-ed (and you should), Brittany’s story is making news because she’s taking advantage of the Death with Dignity Act that is available to residents of Oregon (and WA, VT, MT, and NM)….

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DIY Pumpkin Candlesticks

One of my favorite things to do this time of year is to look at all of the fun Halloween decorations at different stores. Last week I was checking out an especially elaborate haunted table display when I spotted something pretty – a pair of glittery pumpkins on candlesticks. Unfortunately, when I asked about them,…

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“In A Better Place”

Our family, by Annabel. l-r Annabel, Madeline, James, Mommy, Rigby, Daddy We are careful to make sure Annabel and James don’t feel like they’re living in the shadow of their sister. They each have the same amount of photos hanging on the wall, and we talk about Madeline when she comes up naturally. We let…

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