Surfing Sunday 4.24

The March for Babies is just six days away, on April 30. I’ve been working on my speech the last few days and I can’t shake this feeling of intense gratitude. I would not be speaking at the Los Angeles March next week if it wasn’t for all of you. When Maddie died, the outpouring…

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Old Timey Bloopers

I wanted to do one more flashback video with Rigby, but this time with baby Annie. They were definitely partners in crime from the very beginning. This little blooper reel we made back in 2010 still makes me laugh, and has one of my favorite scenes with Rigby ever. If you can’t see the video…

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Capturing A Leprechaun

Right after Liam was born, Leah and Ted asked me if I would take newborn photos of him. I was excited but nervous – I haven’t been keeping up with my photography skills (beyond landscapes) and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to capture their little sweetie well. But they were insistent and…

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Heart Cuddles

Since I work from home and James isn’t in school yet, the two of us spend a lot of time together. For some reason, he’s never been particularly snuggly with me — he loves to curl up with Mike, but he’s never really gone to me for his cuddling needs. This used to drive me crazy,…

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Surfing Sunday 4.17

This has been one of the grossest, most lingering illnesses I’ve ever had. I will spare you the details but I’m sure you can imagine. I’m seeing Dr. Looove this week to talk about a few things that are still bothering me, but otherwise I am focusing on getting my energy back. Annabel drew a picture…

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