Annie In Wonderland

Ever since I took Annabel to see Beauty and the Beast last year, she’s been asking me about doing theatre. She’s finally old enough to do some of the summer theatre camps in our area, and last week she participated in her first week-long camp, dedicated to learning a short version of Alice in Wonderland….

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36 Isn’t So Bad

I had a really wonderful birthday weekend! All I really wanted to do was relax and have fun with my family, and that’s exactly what we did. On Friday night, my mom watched the kids while Mike and I went out to dinner alone. We don’t do that nearly enough, and it was so great….

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Surfing Sunday 6.28

I had a wonderful time yesterday celebrating my birthday, but nothing could top my happiness over the Supreme Court’s decision to make same sex marriage legal in all 50 states. I woke up before the kids to watch the news coverage, and when Annabel eventually joined me I explained to her what happened. She seemed…

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Making A Book With HP Instant Ink

This post is sponsored by HP Instant Ink. Thank you, HP! Annabel is absolutely OBSESSED with making books. When this first started, her books were usually the plots of movies and TV shows she’d seen, illustrated by photos we found on the internet. As time has gone on, she’s started to create her own stories –…

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17 Reasons We’re Lucky To Have Heather In Our Lives

In honor of Heather’s 36th birthday on Saturday I decided to count some of the ways the kids and I are very lucky to have her in our lives: 1. Her crafting game is on point… …which is awesome except for the fact that it leads to this happening way too often: 2. She has…

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