Family Spohr-trait

In November of last year, I was asked to send over some family photos to an organization that I volunteer with. The problem was, I didn’t have any recent family photos…the closest I could find was a snap of the four of us in the ocean when we were on vacation – a great memory,…

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“Hoppy” Valentine’s Day Printable

Annabel and I have been searching through the Dollar Spot at Target ever since the Valentine’s Day stuff was put out (you know, the day after Christmas). She found some little toy frogs and went crazy for them, “Mom, we HAVE to give these to my friends!” I bought enough for her class, and then…

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Our Not Scary At All Evening

People in Southern California joke that our weather is 75 degrees and sunny year round, and for the most part that isn’t so far off. This last weekend, though,  some seriously crazy wind and rain hit us on Sunday afternoon as we drove to a birthday party. The wind was so strong that you couldn’t help…

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In The Red

This post is sponsored by SunTrust. Thank you, SunTrust! According to recent statistics, 80% of people admit their personal finances keep them awake at night. Despite this, few people ever talk openly about their finances. Talking about money (and the strategies we use to manage it) shouldn’t be taboo, especially since talking about these things…

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Surfing Sunday 1.31

How is it already the last day of January? We’re having a rainy Sunday here in LA, and my kids are VERY excited to wear their rain boots to a birthday party. James looked out the window and screamed, “WATER! BOOTS ON, MOMMY!!!” My poor rain-deprived child. Around The ‘Net ~Please Don’t Get Murdered At…

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