No-Sew Leather Headband

At the beginning of the year I bought myself a pretty colored leather headband, and I have no idea what happened to it. I have my suspicions, of course *cough* Annabel *cough*. Instead of tracking down another headband, I thought I’d make one. It’s one of the simplest things I’ve ever made, and it looks…

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The Strong, Silent Type

It’s been so interesting watching how differently my three kids have developed. We obviously had no idea what to expect with Madeline since she was not only our oldest, she was also a preemie. She did a lot of things on or ahead of “schedule” (like fine motor skills, talking, etc), and some things were…

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My parents watched Rigby the first night we were gone, before our super-awesome dog sitter Lauren could take over. We’re lucky that we have people who love our dog as much as we do. On Thursday, my mom took Rigby for a walk first thing in the morning. My parents were also going out of…

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Down By The San Francisco Bay

We have returned from our four-day trip visiting Mike’s family. Over the last few years we’ve only been able to visit them at Thanksgiving, but over this past weekend all of our work schedules aligned to let usĀ go up to them (his parents usually come to us). It was a really great trip but man…the…

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Surfing Sunday 7.27

We Spohrs are heading back to our house after spending several days with Mike’s family. The kids have had an absolutely amazing time with their grandparents, getting tons of affection and conversation and, of course, the kind of treats only grandparents can provide. We’re hitting the road soon and I have a feeling both kids…

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