Things That Did Not Happen When I Became A Mom

It’s amazing how people’s perceptions of you change once you become a mom. While many aspects of my life did change, who I was at my core did not. My name didn’t change to Mommy. My kids might call me Mom, Mama, or Mommy, because I am their mother, but that’s not the name on…

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Daddy/Daughter Princess Ball

On Saturday night, Annabel and Mike went to the Daddy/Daughter Princess Ball put on by our local Parks Department. Annabel has been excited about the dance for months, and could barely contain her excitement in the days leading up to the event. She decided a long time ago that she wanted to wear her flower girl…

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Mess Distress

This post is sponsored by Clorox. Thanks, Clorox! One of the happiest sounds I know is hearing my husband and kids laughing and playing happily in another room. Of course, this joy can quickly turn to horror when I turn the corner and see what they’re up to: cooking experiments in the kitchen, messy craft…

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Surfing Sunday 11.16

I came across some dress fabric with an Anna/Elsa from Frozen print on it and knew I had to get it, even if I’d never done anything with that sort of fabric before. I thought I’d sew it into a simple dress, and got enough fabric to make two: one for Annabel and one for her…

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“This Is What I Can Do”

The National Brain Tumor Society was the charity that was nearest and dearest to Jackie. She was an amazing advocate for them, raising so much money that they named a research chair in her honor. The first time the San Francisco Bay Area branch of the Brain Tumor Society asked Jackie to speak was 2010,…

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