AWESOME FACT: When it comes to taking care of Annabel, Heather and I are pretty much on the same page about everything.

NOT SO AWESOME FACT: I say “pretty much” because there is one area we do not see eye to eye – clothing.

That’s right… clothes.

Baby clothes.

To me (and most guys) clothes could be subtitled: the stuff we wear to keep warm. To Heather (and many women) a better subtitle would be: OMG clothes are the greatest thing ever I want to marry them!!!

Okay, so maybe the second subtitle is a little over the top, but sometimes things get so wacky around our home that it feels pretty darn accurate. So with no further adieu, here are Heather and my top five baby clothes related run-ins:


When Annabel and I are out and about together Heather loves for me to text her a photo of our little cutie. Inevitably Heather will almost always text back: “Where are her shoes?!” This is because Heather thinks that non-onesy clad babies should wear shoes in public at all times. Now I get that shoes are important for adults (and in fact no shoes often means no service), but for babies shoes seem more like an unnecessary accessory, especially when they don’t even walk yet! Heather and I have debated this issue far more than any sane couple ever should.


On the weekend Heather will sometimes head out to take care of errands while I watch Annie. This often leads to Heather returning and dismissively asking, “She’s still in her pajamas?” Okay, so maybe wearing pajamas at three in the afternoon is a sign of depression, but is it really such a big deal if we didn’t leave the house? And also shouldn’t Heather have been more concerned that I was in my pajamas at three in the afternoon?


Another time Heather and I tangle over clothes is when I dress Annie in the same shirt she wore the day before. This, to Heather, is a no-no and tantamount to my committing the crime of dressing our baby in dirty clothes. In my mind, however, if the shirt is still clean, it is fine (after all babies don’t stink up a shirt with sweat like adults do). One of my key arguments of defense on this issue is that I don’t understand why it is okay to dress Annie in her jeans a couple days in a row, but not her shirts.


Heather loves it when I bond with Annie by feeding her, but she isn’t crazy about the way Annie looks afterward. In Heather’s eyes I should be much more militant in making sure Annie stays clean while eating. I get this, and I will admit that I don’t always remember to put a bib on Annie or to push up her sleeves, but isn’t the whole point of a washing machine to wash clothes that get dirty? Also, from a personal standpoint, I always find a well soiled shirt a sign that I just had a great meal. Annie, I’m sure, feels the same way.


Heather loves Annie’s hair, especially as it grows in more and more. As a result Heather is constantly putting hats, barrettes, and head bands on Annie, and Annie HATES them. No matter how many times Annie makes a pained face and tears the hat, barrette, or head band off her head, however, Heather always tries to put another one on her the next day. Am I wrong to tell Heather that this head wear torture needs to stop?

Okay, party peeps, there were five rounds…who was right in three or more rounds and thus proved themselves the victor in our ongoing clothes debate? Bring peace to our home by declaring yourself Team Heather or Team Mike!

Heather’s rebuttal can be found here.