If you showed me the preview for the movie “Hop” before I had kids my response would have been something like, “AAAAARRRGHHH!!! STICK KNIVES IN MY EYES!!! Wait… is that Kaley Cuoco? WHY IS SHE TALKING TO A RABBIT? ARRRRGGHH!!! WHAT IS THIS CRAP?! GAH!!” I then would have passed out from boredom, drooling.

Now that I’m a Dad though my response was, “Awww. I bet Annie would love to see that! She could learn about the Easter Bunny! How cute!”

Yes. Being a Dad has made me soft. But that’s not what this post is about, it’s about my wanting to take Annie to a movie. I’m worried though… is taking a fourteen month old to a movie a serious error in judgment?

Heather took Maddie to a “Mommy & Me” matinee to see the masterpiece “Bride Wars” when Maddie was around Annie’s age. “Mommy & Me” matinees are meant specifically for parents to take their babies. The sound is turned down so as not to startle the little ones, and the lights are turned low but not off as they are at a normal screening. Maddie was enthralled:

there's another baby!

Heather bragged that night about how well Maddie did – she stayed in her seat the whole time and behaved while other babies fussed and cried. That was Maddie though, she was such a laid back little sweetheart who would cuddle with you for hours on end. Annie is a constantly on the move little dynamo who hates being contained. And while she might be okay at one of those Mommy & Me screenings (I guess I would be the Mommy in that scenario?), there’s no guarantee. Making matters worse is the fact that “Mommy & Me” screenings are only once a week during the day and often of random movies as opposed to the kind I’d want to take Annie to see, so if we were to go to a movie I’d probably have to take her to a normal screening.

I’m looking at The Smurfs movie coming out July 29th as a possible Daddy & Annie movie date. That will make her 18 months old. Will she be okay? Or am I out of my mind to even consider this?