Last week I wrote about Annie’s frustrating misuse of the word “help,” and you all gave me lots of incredible advice… thank you! Unfortunately, even once Annie overcomes her “help” issue she will still be able to drive me nuts because somewhere along the line she picked up what I call “The Toddlers’ Greatest Hits” – words and phrases that toddlers everywhere use to bug their parents.

Seriously, was a little toddler handbook passed out at the park? How did they all learn these?

Here are some of Annie’s favorites:


…said the second she polishes off WAY more food than anyone her size should be able to finish in the first place.

Offering me some of her breakfast #photoadayapril

“Where’s Dada?”

…recited like clockwork the moment I take a seat in the bathroom.

“That’s mine!!”

…whined when I take away a dirty napkin that she found on the street.

“What happened?!

…said with total confusion after the balloon she was poking with a stick popped.


…shouted immediately when I put her down after spinning her in the air for ten minutes straight.

Superhero time

“Watch me!”

…ordered of her old man over and over and over as she stacks her blocks.

“Wanna play?!”

…cooed with big eyes and an adorable smile the minute I sit down to watch the Giants’ game.

“This one!!!”

…hollered when I open the ‘fridge door and she spots the piece of pie I hid for myself to eat later.

Are any of these a favorite of your toddler? Or has Annie forgotten a Greatest Hit your toddler bugs you with?