Making sure that Annie eats well is important to me, so the fact that she doesn’t have much interest in toddler food is driving me a little crazy.

“I don’t blame her,” Heather said last night when Annie refused another spoonful of toddler food. “Look at that stuff. Would you eat it?”

That got me thinking… who was I to insist Annie eat toddler food when I had no idea if it was even edible? I finally decided that if I was going to continue insisting Annie eat the stuff I’d have to at least try it myself.

So with no further adieu, here are the results of The Spohrs’ First Ever Toddler Food Taste Test!!!

Option #1: Gerber Graduates for Toddlers Chicken & Carrot Ravioli Pasta Pick-Ups


Presentation: These suckers look terrible in their photo on the front of the box, and they only get uglier once you open the package and see a bunch of plastic looking squares submerged in murky water.

Smell: While they don’t have a strong smell, it isn’t a good one. In fact, the smell and look of of these raviolis made me think of Play-Doh.

Taste: Upon popping one in my mouth I was overwhelmed by just how wet and chewy they were. To go with that dreadful texture is a flavor that is similar to cardboard with a B.O. problem.

Grade: F

Option #2: Gerber Graduates for Toddlers Spaghetti Rings in Meat Sauce


Presentation: These spaghetti rings don’t initially look all that appetizing as they sit with tiny meat-like blocks in congealed red sauce, but once you stir the contents things start to look a lot better. So stir. Stirring is your friend.

Smell: Slightly sweet. Not barf-inducing.

Taste: I was shocked to find that these actually tasted pretty good! The meat sauce was pleasantly sweet (to appeal to a toddler’s palette), the meat was unoffensive, and the pasta tasted like normal pasta. Best comparison? A slightly less appetizing version of SpaghettiOs.

Grade: B+

Option #3: Gerber Graduates for Toddlers Chicken & Pasta Wheel Pickups

Dude, the “chicken” looks like shriveled tofu, Dad.

Presentation: The peas looked like real peas. That I appreciated. The Chicken & Pasta, on the other hand, were scary thanks to soggy pasta and “chicken” that looked like shriveled, dried-up tofu pieces.

Smell: There was no real smell, likely because the contents of the package were so drowned in water.

Taste: The peas tasted like peas. This I appreciated. The Chicken & Pasta were foul, however. ESPECIALLY the chicken. I know, I know. You’re thinking, “How could the chicken that looked like shrived, dried-up tofu taste bad?” But it was bad. Like something you found behind the fridge bad.

Grade: D+

Option #4: Comforts for Toddlers Alphabet Pasta Primavera


Presentation: The only entry not made by Gerber, the Alphabet Pasta Primavera looked better than the usual toddler food thanks to pieces of vegetable that were recognizable as actual vegetables!

Smell: Not bad. Had an actual Italian food sort of scent.

Taste: Pretty bland (though that’s probably good for a toddler’s taste buds). Not bad though. It had a recognizably Italian taste, and I was able to swallow a few bites without yacking.

Grade: B

FINAL ANALYSIS: Stay away from the raviolis at all cost!!! If, however, you find yourself in a post apocalyptic world where the only non-perished food is of the toddler variety, the Spaghetti Rings (and to a lesser degree the Alphabet Pasta Primavera) will give you sustenance for another day of fighting zombies and T-1000s.

As for Annie, I now know which toddler foods to feed her… that is when I’m not cooking her something fresh and hopefully more tasty!