One of the problems of being a married couple where both partners blog is that sometimes we both want to talk about the same thing. This is tough though because many of our readers read both of our sites, and we don’t want to bore them with a repeat of the same events. Today was a big day for Maddie though, and a frustrating one, so as hard as I tried to think of something else to write about I couldn’t.

Then it occured to me.  “Wait a minute!” I thought. “This could totally be like Rashoman (a Japanese film where the same story is told from many different perspectives). People could read Heather’s post, then read mine and get another perspective on what is up with my little Mooseroni Chicken Muffin Love Bear!

So that’s what we’re doing. If the repetition bores you please email me, and as an apology I will email you an awesome photo of Willie Mays making his legendary from behind catch in centerfield. Not a Giants’ fan? No worries! Willie Mays is so awesome that even Dodgers’ fans can appreciate his famous catch!

SOOOO….ever since Maddie’s last appointment with our attractive Asian pediatrician who has totally touched my junk, we have, on her orders, tried to fatten Maddie up. Doc told us to raise her caloric intake and feed her more each day. We worked really hard at doing this, and, today, I was very much expecting to place Maddie on the scale at her other doctor’s office and be told that she had gained like, I dunno, eighty pounds or something. Or at least two. But…instead I was told she had gained around a couple balls of cotton.

This, as you can imagine, depressed me greatly.

The doc and nurse had ideas. Add rice cereal to her formula, blend up avocado (or even the baby food that Maddie WON’T eat normally) and put it in her formula. Hopefully these things will work.

The thing is a couple days ago I brought Maddie into bed with Heather and I, and as we were kissing and hugging our little angel, Heather said “Woah.  Touch here. You can feel her rib cage.” That freaked me out at the time, but I was like “No worries. We have been feeding the crap out of her! She must be gaining weight!” She clearly hasn’t been though, and the reason, the doc says, is because she burns so many calories fighting to breathe. As a preemie we were told her lungs were so messed up that she would likely die, but she didn’t, and has in fact thrived, but she still fights twice as hard as every other baby to breath. This is heartbreaking, but with a kid who smiles so much you have to imagine she is pretty happy…tough breathing and all.

Anyhoo…I don’t want to freak people out…the doc and nurse weren’t crazy alarmed, just concerned, and said they will have a nutritionist contact us tomorrow. All I can say is that I wish Maddie was more than a quarter Portuguese, because Daddy at 50% and Grandma at 100% have no problem gaining weight! I know that in the end the fat genes I supplied my little one will kick in and make things alright!