Just about every parent has experienced that moment when their kid loses something in public and all hell breaks loose. I’d somehow managed to avoid that drama until this weekend when my luck finally ran out. The funny/sad part is that Annie didn’t lose her wobble, princess doll, or other prized possession. She lost a pair of costume goggles, but based on the way she acted you’d think she’d lost the Hope Diamond.

Everything started out sweetly enough. We were having breakfast when she suddenly said, “Hey! We never saw Planes!” I’d told Annie that I’d take her to see Planes when it first came out, but after hearing a number of lackluster reviews I decided not to mention it again. Annie didn’t mention it again either, so I stupidly figured she’d forgotten about it. (I say “stupidly” because the girl forgets nothing.)

In hindsight I should have known Annie would bring it up again because she’s been on a a flying kick of late. Not only has she been enthralled by the planes in James’ travel themed nursery, but Grandma Linda gave her an Amelia Earhart costume.

“You’re right, Annie. We never did go see it,” I said, feigning disbelief. “Want to go today?”

Annie’s eyes lit up. “Can I wear my pilot costume?”

So this was who I ended up taking with me to the theater:


As we waited in line for tickets Annie passed the time by pretending to fly:

photo 2.JPG
Both as a pilot…

photo 1.JPG
…and as a plane.

Once we got inside the employees loved Annie. In fact, the girl running the concession stand smiled from ear to ear upon seeing her and said, “Let me guess. You’re here to see Planes?

We soon left the concession stand and I snapped a couple more photos of Annie on the way into the screening room. After a couple minutes of watching the movie, though, I looked over at Annie and realized she was missing the little goggles that were on her head. Crap.

I figured that the goggles could have fallen off any time between getting out of the car and sitting down, but then I remembered the photos I took on the way in and sneaked a quick look at them for clues. By playing detective I discovered this:

In this photo – taken no more than ten feet away from the entrance to the screening room – Annie still has the goggles on her head…


…but in this photo – taken in front of the entrance to the screening room – the goggles are missing.


Figuring the goggles must be right outside the door, I told Annie that we had to go into the lobby for a second.


“To get your goggles.”

Looking back that was pretty dumb to tell her, but since it had only been a couple minutes I figured we’d easily find the goggles. When we got into the lobby, however, the goggles were nowhere to be found.

Annie, upon realizing her goggles were gone, burst into tears. I told her we’d find them, but when the manager informed us that no one had found or turned in any goggles, and after I’d sifted through the trash, it became clear the goggles had inexplicably disappeared between photos 1 and 2.

I managed to talk Annie into watching the rest of the movie, but when it was over she started crying for her goggles again. There was lots of drama, and I felt like crap, especially since I was trying to do something fun for her and ended up bringing her home in tears.

There’s a happy ending of sorts to this story, thankfully. That night I told Annie that many pilots use their swim goggles when flying, and she bought it. She now has a very interesting look when she wears her pilot hat:

"new" goggles

Happy ending aside, I’m still wondering what the heck happened to those goggles!