On Saturday Heather and Maddie had some appointments to keep, so I took the opportunity to go see the new Seth Rogan movie, Pineapple Express

Once I was seated with my gigantic soda – you know, the one that thanks to my refusal to miss any of the movie would seriously damage my kidneys somewhere in the third act – I saw a happy family walking up the aisle toward their seat. The father had his hands on his nine-year-old son’s shoulders, the Mom listened attentively as her seven-year-old daughter chatted away, and it would have been an incredibly sweet, Norman Rockwell-esque moment if it wasn’t for the fact that they were at A MOVIE ABOUT POT!!!

I was weirded out as the family took their seats until I decided that they’d likely bought tickets without knowing what the heck the movie was about. Once the movie started, however, it became clear this wasn’t the case as within the first two minutes a character was smoking a giant joint and graphically pretending to perform oral sex, and the family was yucking it up like they were watching SHREK!!!

I turned around to shoot the dad a “What the F is wrong with you?” look, but he didn’t notice because he was too busy cackling as his son pretended to give a BJ to an imaginary penis just as the actor had on-screen. I, as you can imagine, was horrified.

I tried to my best to forget the Manson family and focus on the movie, and for the most part I was able to because it is a VERY funny comedy, but one for adults. Nevertheless, every once in a while I would hear one of those two kids laughing at, oh, I don’t know, a guy getting shot in the head or Seth Rogan selling pot to some seventh graders, and it creeped me out. I thought for sure that if I turned around I’d spy the family passing a doobie back and forth or something. 

Here’s the thing…I’m not prude. I watch “R” rated movies and think Hollywood has every right to make whatever movie they want, but I will not be bringing Maddie to see them until she is mature enough to handle them. I don’t know what age that is yet, but it certainly is a lot older than the kids at the theater on Saturday.

So here’s my question…what age did you/will you allow your kids to watch movies with adult content? Do you think it’s our duty to protect our kids from these movies when they are young? Or AM I a prude who should just accept kids grow up a lot faster today?