Everyone has been talking this week about the Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries divorce, and how these crazy kids called it quits after just seventy-two days. Some say it was because the whole thing was fake, but if you ask me I say it ended because of something that causes a lot of tension in many, many marriages… In-laws.

For those lucky few of you who have somehow avoided Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the Kardashian/Jenner family is truly the nightmare in-law family from hell. Check out the welcome mat these people rolled out for Kris Humphries:

  • Kim’s sister, Khloe, was openly hostile toward Humphries, rolling her eyes and peppering him with snide, disrespectful comments whenever he entered the room. As if that wasn’t enough, this charmer of a sister-in-law decided THE ENGAGEMENT PARTY was the right time to accuse him of being opportunistic and using Kim for her fame (despite the fact he was an NBA basketball player and not a video store clerk hoping to sell his science fiction screenplay).
  • Kim’s mom, also named Kris, made it clear to her daughter that she didn’t like Humphries, and then talked her out of changing her last name to “Humphries,” claiming it would be bad for “business” (never mind whether it would be good for the “marriage”). This monster-in-law also made sure to shoot down every single suggestion Humphries made about the wedding.
  • Overall, the entire family was so cold that Humphries sought out the council of Scott, the baby daddy of Kim’s other sister, Kourtney.  Scott basically told Humphries the family will ride him until he “earns” his spot, and that he needs to treat them with kid gloves because they will gang up on you. Scott also said that even after six years of being with Kourtney he still doesn’t feel like a member of the family. No wonder he hasn’t popped the question yet.

Making matters worse is that Kim defended her family’s actions to Humphries as opposed to telling her family to show her fiancee some respect. Even if Kim had done that, however, the tension between Humphries and his in-laws would have made their marriage difficult.

Luckily for me I get along well with my in-laws, and only have one brother-in-law to interact with instead of a brother and… yikes… four sisters like Humphries (briefly) had.

Don’t get me wrong… a marriage can, of course, work even if your in-laws are difficult, but it sure does make life easier if they aren’t. Even so, anyone considering tying the knot should realize that they are committing themselves for life not just to their partner, but to their family too. And if the in-laws are psycho, well, let’s just say that is going to make for quite a large number of long, LONG holiday dinners.

In the case of Kris Humphries, I don’t think he gave enough consideration to what he was getting into. In fact, I’m willing to bet he was too busy focusing on his ex-wife’s ass to see the family full of asses standing close behind it.