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When Madeline was born premature and sick, she had to be transferred from the hospital she was born in to a larger one that had a level 3 NICU. Heather, having just had a c-section, was not allowed to travel with Maddie, so I left her behind and raced after the ambulance taking our baby to the new hospital. All I could do the whole way there was hope that Madeline would survive the trip – her condition was that unstable.

Upon reaching the new hospital I sprinted across the parking lot, through the lobby, and into the elevator. As the doors opened on the second floor, I stepped – for the first time – into the often overwhelming and emotionally exhausting world of the NICU.

I soon received the good news that Madeline had survived the transport. The news didn’t end there though. The NICU’s charge nurse, and then a neonatologist, spent over an hour explaining many, many details about my baby’s journey ahead.

Eventually, I was able to visit Madeline at her isolette. There more nurses and doctors spoke to me. When I left the hospital after four a.m., I was exhausted – emotionally and physically – and my head was spinning.

It was that first night, and the sixty-seven that followed, that inspired Heather and me to found Friends of Maddie. Having learned first hand how difficult it is to adjust to life in the NICU, we wanted to do everything we could to ease the transition for other families like ours.

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Thank you for always supporting us, and for helping us support others.