There are rites of passage that every little girl must go through on her way to becoming a women. Since I’m a dude I’m not really sure what those things are, but I can tell you one – totally rocking her first Super Bowl party!

Last year Annie slept through the Super Bowl (on account of being a newborn and all), so Heather and I knew we had to do it up this year. Luckily Heather got an offer from Fresh & Easy to deliver some free snacks for the big day, so we said “Yes, please” and invited over our friends Matt, Leslie, and their cutie-pie son Austin to help us chow down. Before they arrived, however, I decided our place was lacking a little ambiance so I ran across the street to the market to get a giant Super Bowl balloon (yes, I am that guy).

Unfortunately, on the way out of the market a gust of wind blew and yanked the balloon off the string it was attached to. This tragedy happened right in front of a sorority girl straight out of “Legally Blonde.” She covered her mouth and said, “Oh. My. God.  That is like totally the saddest thing I have like ever seen.”

I grimaced. Elle Woods then got all indignant and said, “You know what you need to do?  Go back in there and ask for another one. Because that balloon was so not tied on well.” So you know what? I did.

At home again I started cookin’ up the Fresh & Easy food and it was good! Michael and Andy dug the chicken wings:


But Dwight was more about the chips and guac:


Annie got to eat some Super Bowl food too, but it was of the baby food variety and thus a little less exciting.


Soon the show started and Annie LOVED Lea Michele’s rendition of “God Bless America” (she is a huge a Glee fan after all)…


…but she did NOT dig the National Anthem. I could tell she was thinking, “I’m a baby who says like three words but even I know that lady got it wrong!”


After the game started Annie and Austin weren’t so into it…


…but when the score got close Annie felt the tension. In the end it was too much for her:

sleepy super bowl

All in all I think she pretty much nailed her first Super Bowl party, don’t you?


As for those other girl rites of passage, Annie is going to have to ask her Mom.