I gave this post a “G” rated title because my friend Meghan told me that my previous post went to her spam because of it’s X-rated title (even if it was meant comedically)! I’m assuming many of you missed my last post for the same reason as well. If so, and you have the time, read it here! It is yet another traumatic story from the files of my childhood.

Things have been hectic of late and I haven’t got the chance to post as much as I like, but it is absolutely imperative that I post tonight because yesterday was Maddie’s first birthday!!! As you may know, we had a kick-ass party for her a week or so ago, but it was so amazing to wake up on Maddie’s actual birthday and realize she has been with us a full year. I may have kissed her five hundred and six times before eight a.m.

As cool as yesterday was, however, it was sort of subdued compared to the day of her party. The world famous Maddie-Moo did have many people call to sing her happy birthday over the phone though, something which, while awesome, may have confused her a little. Toward the end of the day we gave her a Beard Papa creme puff to celebate. She loved it! For the first time she actually ate adult food – or as I tend to call it to Heather’s ire – human food. Check it out:

Are vegetables this tasty too, Dad?

Lastly, Heather is up in Napa for the wonderful Jackie’s thirtieth birthday party, and Maddie is with her Grandparents for a couple days, so I am home alone with Rigby the dog. A couple hours ago Rigby and I popped in our Netflix of the film “The Strangers” which is about a couple settling down for the night when freaks in masks show up and stalk them until they’re dead. Yeah…this charming little feel good flic:

Hold me, Rigby!

A perfect choice to watch alone with your dog at ten at night, don’t you think? I swear, the dog was afraid. Fo’ real, yo. When the masked freaks showed up Rigby would howl. Of course she may have been howling because I was whimpering in terror.

Is it unmanly to sleep all night with the lights on as you cuddle a seven pound dog? If so I just might have to hand in my dude card for night.