Heather and I started calling Madeline “The World Famous Maddie-Moo!” back when she was in the NICU because people from as far away as Japan were praying for her to get healthy. Now that she is home and relatively healthy there aren’t too many Japanese people thinking about her anymore (what’s up with that Japan?), but we still call Maddie world famous because in a lot of ways she acts just like a celebrity.

Sometimes Maddie pulls a Greta Garbo and goes days without leaving the house. To be fair this has less to do with Maddie’s wanting “to be left alone,” and more to do with Heather and I trying to limit her chances of picking up another virus that will send her to the hospital, but she’s pretty Garbo-esque nonetheless. Sometimes she even wears oversized sunglasses like Garbo. They’re meant for ages 2-4, but Maddie totally pulls them off.

When we do take Maddie out of the house all hell breaks loose like one of those papparazzi videos of Britney Spears leaving some Hollywood night spot. Instead of photographers, however, it’s usually fawning old ladies and squealing college girls who come running. (Side note: Why is it now that I’m married and off the market that I have something that attracts the opposite sex like moths to a flame? Man, what I would have given a few years ago to attract old ladies like this!)

Not everyone that passes Maddie comes running over to see her, but just about everyone smiles or does a double take. Maddie will look at me with a world weary expression that says, “I’ve been recognized again.” Or maybe, “Dad, I have gas.” Either way I prefer to think she means the former.

Another celebrity-esque thing Maddie does is frequently change her outfit. I will concede that this has to do with her tendency to spit up more than anything else, but you know what? A lot of celebrities – like Lindsay Lohan or Kirstin Dunst – do their share of spitting up as well. And I can guarantee you they don’t look nearly as cute doing it as my kid.

Okay. So maybe Maddie isn’t really a celebrity, but you know what? Even if the world is more interested in Shiloh, Suri, or the rest of those kids with weird ass names, Maddie, in my eyes, will always deserve to be known as “The World Famous Maddie Moo!”

oh no! The paparazzi again!