A few years ago a musician I dig, Juliana Hatfield, wrote a song called “Scary Breeders.” At the time I first heard it I chuckled and was like, “Yeah! Aren’t people that have kids weird?” Of course I am now a scary breeder myself, and have even caught myself calling Heather “Mom” in a non-ironic way. What the hell has happened to me?

Don’t get me wrong, having a child is an amazing experience, but do you ever find yourself wondering how you became THIS person?

Anyway, take a look at song’s lyrics below. They are fairly simple, but might help trigger some thought in regards to the following questions:

 “What the heck ever happened to me?”

“Was I someone different before kids?”

Did I have different dreams?

Did my friends see me differently/like me better?

Or have I always wanted to be a parent and only now feel whole?

Discuss!!!! And leave any comments about the lyrics you like as well you scary breeders, you!!!


by Juliana Hatfield

Scary breeders
They have come
With their sons and daughters

One by one
Mean and dumb
Have another

They got cable
And AC
And cellular technology

Scary breeders
They run me out of town
Creepy breeders

When the baby feeds
And the implant leaks
It’s a screaming monster

Shut it up
Put some Pepsi
In the baby’s bottle

Or hit it harder
Scary breeders
They run me out of town
Creepy breeders

Those breeders
Strange breeders
Dog breeders
Those breeders