I’ve gotta tell you, having a daughter can be great for a guy’s ego. Lately Annie has been obsessed with playing “pretend,” and tells anyone who will listen that she’s Cinderella. Inevitably, when people say, “You’re Cinderella, are you?” She will spin to me and say, “And he’s Prince Charming!”

“That’s right,” I respond as I pop my collar. “I’m Prince Charming.”

Prince Charming Spohr

It doesn’t stop there though. When Annie isn’t pretending to be Cinderella she’s pretending to be Rapunzel from the movie Tangled. This means that she points to me and yells, “Daddy! You’re Flynn Rider!” You know, as in the suave, swash buckling hero of the film. Yeah, that’s me, I guess. Suave and swash buckling.

I think Annie’s hair is nearly as long in real life

Annie is so cute when she’s in full on pretend mode. If you call her “Annie” she will vehemently shake her head and yell, “No! I Rapunzel!” Also, in addition to calling me Flynn Rider, she calls Rigby by the name of Rapunzel’s chameleon sidekick,”Pascal.” She’s assigned a character to Heather, too, but unfortunately for Heather it’s “Mother Gothel,” the evil baddie who kidnaps Rapunzel and holds her hostage in a tower for years and years. This annoys Heather to no end, especially when I rub it in a bit. “Ha, ha! You’re the evil mother! And I’m Flynn Rider!”

Luckily for Heather, Annie’s latest game of pretend revolves around the movie, “The Little Mermaid.” Perhaps because of Heather’s red hair, Annie ran up to her yesterday and announced, “You’re Ariel, Mama!”

“I am?” Heather said, pleased. “Who are you then if I’m Ariel?”

Annie thought a moment and yelled, “I’m Flounder!!!”


When I heard Annie had honored Heather with the role of Ariel I smiled and thought, “Good for Heather. I’m glad she gets to be someone good this time. I can’t ALWAYS play all the cool parts.” Yep. I was totally okay with Heather being Ariel. That is until Annie ran up to me and said, “Dadda! You Scuttle!”

“Scuttle? Who’s Scuttle?” I asked. “Is that the Prince’s name? Prince Scuttle?”

Heather burst into laughter. “Uh, no. Scuttle is not the prince.”

“Then who the heck is Scuttle?!?!”


This. THIS is Scuttle. The stupid Seagull. I am so not cool with this, Annie.

Sigh. All I can do, I guess, is wait for Annie’s “Little Mermaid” phase to pass so I can go back to being Prince Charming.