After surviving the 3-Day Potty Training with Annabel there was only one thing left to do – take her out in public without a diaper! Now, to be honest with you, I was pretty nervous about it, so when I was unable to accompany Heather in taking Annie (sans diaper) to her gymnastics class on Monday, I wasn’t exactly heartbroken. That didn’t stop me from worrying, though. Every few minutes I texted Heather things like:

“Everything okay?”


“Just checking in…”


The whole time Annie was there I had horrible visions of her having an “accident” in the foam pit. They can wash foam, right? Luckily, Annie made it through the lesson just fine and got out of there high and dry.

Annie’s second diaper-free trip into the world was this morning, and this time I was steering the boat. As we sat down for breakfast at a deli (while Heather was at her prenatal appointment), I felt a sense of dread.

“Of course things went okay at gymnastics,” I thought. “Things usually go okay the first time you do something. It’s the SECOND time! That’s when things go wrong!”

It was then that it hit me just what kind of a genius I was – the kind who, while afraid my kid was going to have an accident, took her to stuff her face on pancakes and a giant glass of milk. Nice work, Einstein. Luckily, I was prepared. I’d packed my diaper bag with a portable potty seat Heather had bought for Annie to use in public restrooms, and spent the previous night reading the instructions and testing it out on our toilet.

We had a nice breakfast, but I was paranoid the whole time Annie was going to have an accident. This is basically how things went while we were there:

ME: “Let me know if you need to use the potty, okay?”

ANNIE: “Okay.”

ME: “Those pancakes good?”

ANNIE: They’re yummy.”

ME: “Good. Now, uh, don’t forget to let me know if you need to use the potty.”

ANNIE: “Okay, Dada.”

(a few seconds pass)

ME: “So, yeah, don’t forget to let me know when you need to use the potty.”

Annie made it through breakfast, but as we left she told me she had to use the restroom. The big moment was here! I hurried toward the men’s room with Annie and the portable potty seat, and, with all the preparation I did the previous night, I was feeling pretty confident:


“I got this!”

But then we pushed through the bathroom door and got a look at the place:


“That is not okay.”

How nasty was it? So nasty that after describing the place to Heather she said, “Yeah, you can’t describe any of that on the blog. No one wants read that.” “Read it?” I replied. “I didn’t want to see it!” Anyway, I’ll spare you the details, but helping Annie take care of her business while making sure she didn’t touch anything or even put a foot on the floor was a nightmare. And since about fifty percent of men’s rooms like like that one, it’s a nightmare I’ll be repeating quite often.

“Too bad you can’t bring Annie into the women’s room instead,” Heather said.

“Seriously. You ladies have, like, couches in your bathrooms.”

“Don’t be silly. Our bathrooms don’t have couches. Well, some do.”

The good news is that Annie has been doing great with her potty training. The bad news, though, is that I’m worried about having to expose Annie to all of these nasty men’s rooms. Anyone have any tips on taking little ones to use the bathroom in public?