On Friday Maddie and I went to the doctor to get flu shots since, with Maddie’s lung issues, it is VERY important that no one in our house contracts the flu. Anyway, after we got our shots the nurse weighed Maddie and – good news – it turns out she has gained seven ounces since her last appointment just a week and a half ago!  Clearly, my mad scientist like concoctions – including my soon to be world famous avocado water  – are working! This is encouraging, and sets me off dreaming of other types of fattening water such as steak water, butter water, Chicken McNuggets water, perhaps even chocolate cake water! If I suddenly stop blogging it will be because I have become world famous for my alternative waters. By the way…a lot of people asked if I tried the avocado water and I must be honest, I did not. I will totally try the chocolate cake water though. That sounds good. Mmmm, chocolate cake water. 

In other news Maddie has suddenly turned into an unofficial member of Kiss who wants to rock and roll all day and party every night. Okay, so maybe she doesn’t want to rock and roll all day, but she definitely wants to party every night and this has her old man seriously on edge.

Instead of waking up only two or three times a night (only…ha!) she is now waking up every forty-five minutes to an hour crying. Making matters worse is the fact that after I feed her, instead of falling asleep as she normally does, she now screams bloody murder when I try to set her down. As a result I have been spending twenty to thirty minutes standing over her bed each time until she finally falls asleep. Awesome, right? THEN…when I lie back down, ready to fall asleep, I see in the baby monitor that she is wide awake and on her belly in a crawling position, looking around and ready to party.

Luckily, Maddie slept through the night better last night, so I am hoping this was just some weird phase she went through because I think I might go crazy if it isn’t.

Check out the little party girl in action: