It’s hard to believe that as of today it has already been a full week since little Annabel was born. Where did all the time go?! Just kidding. It has ONLY been a week. But it did go by fast.

One important thing Annie did this week was go to Dr. Looove’s office for her first well baby visit. Everyone there was really excited to see Annie, and they all made a big fuss over her which was awesome. Annie, for her part, did a lot of charming by opening her eyes and flashing a few gas induced smiles. Later, in the exam room, she impressed everyone even more by hardly crying at all when she was weighed. She did, however, pee on the scale. That probably is a bigger faux pas, isn’t it? Oh well. No one seemed to mind. You can get away with a lot by being tiny and cute.

Dr. Looove soon entered and examined Annie. She was thrilled to hear how far gestationally Heather had carried Annabel. She gave the baby a thorough examination and proclaimed her perfect (but we already knew that). Dr. Looove then asked Heather and me how we were doing. Dr. Looove is our doctor, too, and the way she cares about our family makes us feel so special. We walked out of there happy but wistful. Maddie was a very beloved little patient at the office, and it was sad to be there without her. Still, it is nice to know that Annie will be taken care of by people who loved her big sister so much.

We then made our way over to Dr. Risky’s office. After going there for more than thirty appointments during our pregnancy with Annie, it was nice to finally walk through the doors with her in our arms. Dr. Risky, after checking out Annie and commenting on her chubby cheeks, removed the staples from Heather’s c-section. She also consulted with Dr. Blood, and they decided that Heather should continue to take her blood thinners for six more weeks as people with clotting disorders are more susceptible to clots after surgery. Heather isn’t exactly ecstatic about continuing the shots, but is okay with it as she can see the end of the road ahead, as they say.

Annie’s first week wouldn’t have been complete without her having her first bath at home! It was a family affair:

not digging it (but Rigby is at the ready)

She didn’t like it all that much while it was happening, but from the look of this next photo I think it is safe to say she dug how it made her hair look all silky smooth:

Freshly bathed

I loved out first week together, baby. Here’s looking forward to week two and beyond…