Dear Annabel,

A year ago this Saturday you came into my life and brought with you a light that I feared had been extinguished forever. There are so many things I am thankful for when I think about you, but here are just a few:

How you have a smile so contagious that it can melt any dark mood;


How you never tire of “playing ball” with me;

Playin' Ball

Your enthusiasm to play guitar with me (even if all you want to do is grab the strings);

writing a song with daddy

How you say “Dada” when out with Mommy, and “Mama” when out with me;

How you look enough like you sister to bring forth sweet memories;

But different enough to be your own person;

How you dance to any and all music and already have better moves than me;

Rachel and Finn, make up!

How you put the sunlight back into your Mommy’s eyes;

I am delicious

How you hate to snuggle, but will snuggle with me;

Too much turkey

How you look like your old man (sorry about the forehead);

Annie and Daddy

But most of all I am thankful because you made me a Dad again.


So Happy 1st Birthday, Annabel. Daddy loves you forever and ever.