The following is one of the posts I wrote for my wife’s website,, during her difficult pregnancy with Maddie.

I am currently sitting in my “daddy cove,” a little area of Heather’s hospital room where I have my things and a bed-ish place I will sleep on tonight for the third time (I went home last night). I refer to it as bed-ish because it likely intended as a place for visitors to sit, not sleep. It does the job though as it is long enough to sleep on, and more comfortable now that I have one of those egg crate mats on it. All in all being a dad-to-be in the maternity ward is not bad at all in 2007 what with wireless internet connections and flat screen TVs.

A big drawback though is the parking – it is twelve bucks a day valet – and that is the cheapest option unless you want to move your car every two hours. I know, I know. It is very La-La Los Angeles to have valets at a hospital, but that is how it works here. Today, however, Linda (H’s mom) picked me up and dropped me off and I will walk back home in the morning so I can save the twelve bucks. It will be a bit of a hike, and I may suddenly think twelve bucks ain’t that bad once I get home drenched in sweat and panting. Or, if I pass out on the street, the ambulance will likely take me back to this hospital which would save me another twelve bucks!

The other thing we’re dealing with is how to take care of our dog, Rigby. Linda and Kirk will take care of her for the most part, but they will leave her with me a little. For example, when Heather was admitted to the hospital on Thursday Linda took Rigby to Newbury Park with her and kept her until Saturday. I then hung with the pup during the day at my place and had her at the foot of the bed that night when I stayed at home, then gave her back to Kirk and Linda who will keep her til Tuesday. I will then have her til Wednesday. Poor Rigby is a like a child of divorce. I worry she will start listening to emo music and dressing in black if we keep this up too long. She’s got plenty of bones though…so don’t worry about her too much!