Heather and I are now back in Los Angeles after four days of fun in San Francisco. Heather, for the most part, was tied up with BlogHer events during the day, so I had lots of time on my own. One way I entertained myself was by taking a stroll through the grittier part of the city. This was very exciting, and at one point I even found myself hurrying through a huge crowd of sketchy characters dealing drugs right out in the open! I literally saw little packets being exchanged for wadded up bills as if it was perfectly legal. A couple of the dealers did look at me in fear, however, which pleased me to no end. They totally thought I was a cop. Undercover and what not. Awesome.

I also saw lots of homeless guys. The homeless in San Francisco are perhaps the coolest homeless in the world, and have signs that say cool things like: “My wife was kidnapped by zombies…need money for ransom” and “Give me your spare change and I’ll let you kick me in the balls!” There wasn’t a single clichéd “Will Work For Food” sign to be found within city limits. One guy wasn’t very cool though. In fact he confused/disturbed me during the following exchange:

HOMELESS GUY (approaching quickly): “You got any change, mista?”
ME: “Sorry. No change.”
HOMELESS GUY (pointing to my crotch): “But you have a big dick!!!”

First, thanks for noticing, homeless guy. Second, why would having a big dick make me give you change? Aren’t people called dicks because they DON’T do things like give change to the homeless? Just sayin’.

Anyhoo…I also went to a couple Giants’ games and a screening of the movie Hancock. At night I would return to the hotel after the BlogHer seminars were over and it was a madhouse! It was like one of the Girls Gone Wild videos, except instead of college girls it was moms. There were moms dancing, shouting, drinking, even throwing room parties that were broken up by security. Heather even claims that Redneck Mommy was flashing her breasts! If anyone filmed the proceedings I guarantee you’ll be seeing commercials for it on late night television in no time.

During this madness Heather and I hung out with some really awesome people: Stephanie from Baby on Bored, Andi from Poot and Cubby, Ali Martell from Cheaper Than Therapy, Megan from All Mediocre, Headless Mom from the Headless family Five, Casey from Moosh in Indy, Kim from Simply Me, and Andrea from The Sweet Life. There were lots of others too…I know I’m leaving someone out. Crap.

One of the nice things about having gone up to San Francisco this weekend was that it allowed us to attend our friend Jackie’s “Hair Cutting Party.” Jackie (for those of you who haven’t been following her story on Heather’s website www.thespohrsaremultiplying.com) is preparing to have surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from her brain. Being the awesome person that she is, she decided to throw a party when she cut her long locks. Many of the guests – myself included – joined Jackie in cutting our hair, and now sport a shaved head or buzz cut. Throughout the whole thing Jackie carried herself with such poise and positivity. What a lady. I won’t write too much about it here though because I know Heather is going to write an in-depth account of the day tomorrow on her site.

Lastly, coming home from our trip was made a lot easier thanks to the fact this little face was waiting for us:


Hope you all had a great weekend too!