One of the coolest parts of Annie’s getting older is being able to watch her develop her own identity. Unfortunately, this is also one of the hardest parts. I say this because with every incredible milestone (like taking her first steps) that this new and improved Annie achieves comes the heartbreaking fact that I am OMG THE MEANEST DADDY IN THE WORLD!!!

When Annie was just an adorable blob of a few months or so there weren’t many things that could upset her. If she was crying it was pretty much because A) She was hungry, or She was wet. That’s it. Now that she is almost one, however, those are just two of a myriad of reasons she could be upset.  Let me count the ways…

When I take away from her something she isn’t supposed to have like a cell phone, fork, or remote control:


When I stop her from putting something she found on the floor in her mouth:


When I walk into the kitchen and leave her sight for more than two seconds:


When I stop playing with her to get some work done:


When she suddenly decides that our game of Peekaboo is no longer funny but scary:


When I don’t let her pull on Rigby’s hair:


The list goes on and on and on. And while it is cool that she is becoming her own little person, it breaks my heart to see her not only crying and angry, but crying and angry because of something I did!

There is a silver lining though. The person she wants to comfort her the most in these circumstances is her mean ol’ Dad.