Today Annie ran to the front door and said, “Walk? Yes?” Surprised, I looked to Heather who explained that her Dad (“Bampa”) often takes Annie for a walk around the block when he comes over.


“Guess you’re going on a walk,” Heather said.

I nodded and opened the front door for Annie, but instead of heading outside, she bolted past me and deeper into the house. I stood there, thoroughly confused, until she returned pushing her toy stroller with Lola, her baby doll, strapped into it.

“Walk!” Annie directed as she pushed Lola out the door.

Heather burst out laughing. “Have fun on your walk with your daughter… and granddaughter.” Smart ass.

So yeah… I was the guy out on a walk with these two:

photo 2.JPG

I shouldn’t have been surprised Lola joined us on our walk because for the last month Annie has been OBSESSED with babies. Real ones are, of course, the coolest, but her toy babies hold a very dear place in her heart too. In addition to “Lola” there is also “Lolita” (a miniature version of the Lola doll), and the oh so cleverly named “Baby.”

It is so fun to watch Annie with her babies as they have brought out the nurturing instinct in her. She will feed them her sippy cup, then lay them on the couch and say, “nigh, nigh, babies.” It is so sweet.

About half-way around the block Annie pointed at some flowers and said, “Look, Lola! Flowers!” She waited for Lola to get a good look at the flowers, then wheeled her away and further up the hill.

“Wow,” I thought. “Annie is going to be a great big sister. We could probably even let her babysit!”

And then – out of nowhere – Annie shoved her stroller as hard as she could and yelled, “GO, LOLA! GO!”

photo 4.JPG

She then chased after Lola giggling like this was the funniest thing ever. I don’t think Lola found it very funny though. Just look at her face:

photo 5.JPG
Lola: looking seriously traumatized

So maybe Annie isn’t ready to babysit quite yet. But after all this baby stuff I am sure that, if Heather and I are lucky enough to have another child, Annie will make an incredible big sister.

She just won’t be allowed to push the stroller.