As long as I’ve known Heather she’s suffered from migraines, but luckily she only seemed to get them a few times per year. On those occasions that she did get one, however, she was down for the count and had to spend the entire day in bed with the lights off. Those days were tough, but since they only came a few times a year, I was always able to coax her through by reminding her that she’d be feeling better soon and wouldn’t get another migraine for months and months.

Unfortunately, when Heather’s pregnant she gets migraines much more often, and this week she’s been dealing with a whopper of one that hasn’t gone away for days. Today she was up and about trying to push through it – doing her work, caring for Annie – and she looked so miserable I finally had to make her stop and force her to go to bed.

I’ve got to tell you, I’ve really felt helpless throughout this pregnancy watching Heather deal with her daily anticoagulant shot, hyperemesis, and now these headaches (especially since her new-found allergy means she can’t really take pain killers). I’ve tried my best to make her feel better – rubbing her hands and shoulders, doing what I can to keep her hydrated – but not much seems to make a difference. Even Annie seems concerned and tries to help, too. Today she rubbed Heather’s leg to “Make Mama feel better.”

We’re seeing Doctor Risky for our next appointment in the morning, so hopefully she’ll be able to think of some way to help Heather with this. With that said, if any of you dealt with migraines while pregnant and have any suggestions for dealing with them, I’d be all ears.