Hi Everyone,

No, I haven’t been lost at sea. Perhaps metaphorically…but not literally. If I WERE lost at sea  (I highlight the “were” because of all people Beyonce has taught this former high school English teacher about the past subjunctive with her song “If I Were a Boy”) I would be a lot skinnier than I currently am thanks to the plethora of fattening holiday foods I have been eating. My New Year’s resolution is to totally lose weight. And exercise and stuff. Or at least play Wii fit every once and a while.

ANYHOO…a lot of change has been happening here at Casa Spohr. As you saw in a previous episode Heather lost her job thanks in no small part to this dastardly economy. When that happened Heather and I were sort of nervous about what would become of us and our adorable baby, but then I got an opportunity to work for a great company (a company I had previously been doing freelance work for), and I  took it.

What all this means here on this ol’ blog is that I need to be putting all my efforts toward making this job work as it keeps my wife, baby, and pup off the street. So doing well is sorta important. Also, I came to LA fifteen years ago with the dream to make it as a screenwriter. Eleven years after graduating from college I have made some inroads into the biz, but haven’t got to where I want to be as a screenwriter…you know…paid and stuff. Nonetheless, in the last few years I have been writing with a partner and we have done well…found representation amidst interest from many others…placed in contests….and made Big Foot laugh until he cried after reading one of our scripts (that one is a long story…we were camping in the Great North West when Big Foot arrived and asked to read one of our scripts We totally gave him one. It saved us from being smashed to pieces).  

Long story short I won’t have much time blog anymore. I need to ensure that I kick ass at my new job so that I can take care of my family, and I also need to continue trying to make my dream of being a screenwriter come true. And with a wife and baby also to tend with I barely have time left to comb my hair (as most of you know as most readers here are parents too).

I may, however, from time to time, post something when I get a chance or if Maddie levitates or does something similarly impressive. So, if you like this site you should put me in your “reader.” I believe that is the correct term. In any event, to get updates on Maddie that are way more regular check out my wife’s site www.thespohrsaremultiplying.com. She updates most days and is very funny and poignant.



P.S. I still read the blogs for fun…more than likely yours included…and may comment from time to time. Or even post here! But for now I have too many fish to fry. Including a pup next to me who is howling for me to take her out to pee!