Being a parent is tough. Sometimes you feel like the best parent in the world, and other times you feel like the worst. Further complicating things is the fact that these contradictory feelings often happen within minutes of each other! So with no further ado, here are a few of my highs and lows in parenting from last week – most of which happened way too close together.

GOOD DAD: I have been on a mission to get Annie to eat healthy foods, so I was very excited when I had an epiphany almost as brilliant (and crazy) as the one Doc Brown had when he fell and hit his head on the toilet. What if I steamed veggies in one of  those microwave steaming bags, but also tossed a hot dog inside? That way the veggies would be flavored like hot dog, and Annie could eat the hot dog too! Sure enough, Annie went to town on both the hot dog flavored veggies and hot dog pieces. Even Heather, upon trying my hot dog veggies, told me they tasted delish. Best dad in the world!

BAD DAD: Heather then went to the ‘fridge, found the hot dog pack, and gasped, “You bought THESE hot dogs?” Ruh-roh. Turns out I bought the absolute most unhealthy hot dogs our supermarket sells. And fed them to my baby. Sigh. Worst dad in the world!

GOOD DAD: The next day I took Annie to the supermarket (not just to get healthier hot dogs), and was pretty happy with how I had dressed her if I do say so myself. Her shirt matched her pants, the whole shebang. I even tossed her shoes into the diaper bag just in case she needed them (even though I knew her feet wouldn’t touch the ground at the market).

BAD DAD: While standing in the hot dog aisle, comparing salt content, an old lady lurched over and waved her finger in my face.

“Tsk-tsk. No shoes on your baby? In public? Tsk-tsk!”

Initially taken aback, I quickly gathered myself and decided I wasn’t going to let this old lady pull a Simon Cowell on my parenting.

“I’ll have you know, Ma’am, that I have her shoes right here. That’s right. Right here in my…”

It was then I realized I’d left the diaper bag in the car.

GOOD DAD: With Heather gone on her trip to New York, I was placed in charge of the difficult job of caring for Annie’s often troublesome hair. Have no fear though, I put hair clips in Annie’s lovely locks when we went into public, and an old lady (not the “shoe” lady) even complimented her adorable hair when we were out to dinner!

BAD DAD: Upon getting home from dinner, Heather called and asked if I had remembered to use the detangler on Annie’s hair.

“Because if you don’t,” Heather reminded, “it gets real crazy.”

I won’t say if I had remembered or not, but I will post this photo I took with my iPhone right after Heather asked about the detangler:

Annie's crazy hair

Oh well. You can’t say I’m not trying.