After we lost our Madeline, we didn’t know what to do with our lives. Everything we did, we did for her. Our lives, once focused on our wonderful daughter, were adrift.

Too devastated to plan our child’s funeral, our friends did it for us. So unprepared for the financial burden of paying for it, thousands of people from all over the world made contributions big and small to assist us. There was more donated than we needed.

So what to do with that extra money? We knew right away.

Today we are proud to announce Friends of Maddie, a non-profit organization we’ve started in honor of Madeline. Friends of Maddie supports families of critically ill babies by easing the transition into NICU life and providing an ally until the end of their child’s hospital stay.

Our time in the NICU was so frightening, lonely, and overwhelming. As Maddie’s parents, we can think of no better way to honor her memory than to help other families in her name.

We ask that you please help support other families the way you so kindly supported us. Please visit Friends of Maddie to learn how you can help. We’re kicking things off with an amazing giveaway!

Thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts, for making this possible.

Mike & Heather Spohr